Thursday, June 30, 2011


Is that the right word? Tweaking?

I've spent all day "tweaking" what
I want to bring with me tomorrow
to my new booth at
Traditions Antique Mall.

Thought I'd share a couple of them
with you as I take a break..

Remember this side table
I posted about here?
If you do, then you'll remember
that I also put the handles on
upsidedown!! Duh!! LOL

Well, today this sweet side table
got a little bit of a makeover..

I flipped the handles back the
way they're supposed to go..

Sewed a little fabric heart
and tied it onto one handle
with ribbon and yarn..

And lined the 2 drawers with
fabric to match!

She's all ready to go!!


I also changed this mirror
a little bit..

I painted it a grey/blue color
but, I wasn't really
that happy with it..

So, I took some silver paint
and brushed it in the details
wiping off as I went
to get this..

I'm sooo much happier
with the results!

The hallway by the front door
is such a mess right now..
Including the garage.

I'm tweaking and packing
as I go.. before picking up
the truck tonight at 5.
We'll load it up tonight
and I'm off to the antique mall
tomorrow afternoon!


  1. the drawer lining and the little heart will make all the retail difference! (and the handles being right, of course. I love the mirror re-do also! so rich!

    Dana (Shabby Chic Addiction/Facebook)

  2. hehehe @ the handles.. Thought I best put them back the right way!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Dana :)

  3. Love that the extra touch with lining the drawers to match the little heart.
    Enjoy your day!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  4. Now that you are done tweaking, you can now move into your booth and start "fluffing!" This is what all the booth owners/dealers call it when changing the booth around.
    Your table is sweet and the little heart adds a nice touch.


  5. You guys... I love ya!! Thankyou so much :) I can't wait to have it all inside my booth and start the "fluffing". We've hauled everything into the truck, and my neighbors came outside... they thought we were moving! LOL


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