Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sleep Tight

Ok, so.. bear with me as I try
this new blogger layout thing.
I'm really not a creature of change..
I like to stick to what I know.
I'm still not even very impressed with
the new Facebook layout... now this?


Hopefully when I'm done writing this
and I hit "Publish" it'll look like I meant
to have it look that way!

Here we go!!

I was quite inspired and facinated with
the signs over at My *Pink* Life blog.
She has made some really awesome
signs out of wood.

I picked up 4 of these wood slats
at a store that was going out of business
near my house.  I'm pretty sure they
went to a bookcase...

I gave them all a good bath.
Let them dry.
Then, painted 1 coat of white on.

I typed out the letters in Word.
The printed them off.

I then used carbon paper
to trace the words onto the wood.

After all that.. I then used a small
paintbrush and black paint to
paint the words onto the wood.

And, came up with this:

Close up:

~ Sherri ~

PS: I just hit publish and
looked at my blog post..
Guess the change isn't so bad..
I can't tell the difference.. hehe

Friday, March 23, 2012

Desk Before and After

I picked up this desk a few weeks ago
when I went to a nearby citywide yardsale.

I knew with it being so flat on most of the
surfaces, I wanted to do something a bit
unique and different.  Here she is ..
in all her pink ~n~ white glory!

I painted the entire desk a
light blush pink, then accented
the lines with white.

Then, I stenciled a scrolly pattern
on the drawers and the top of the desk.

~ Sherri ~

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Table Makeovers

What a gorgeous and Sunny
82 degree day here in Florida!

Great day to be outside and
finish up a couple projects
I've been working on..

As soon as I finish with this
blog post.. I'm going back
outside.. for sure!

Here are a couple of tables
I finished today:

Side table before:

Side table afters:

I forgot to take a before picture
of this table.  I bought it when
I went thrifting in Sebring, FL
with my mom..

Great table, gorgeous legs!

Now ~ get outside and enjoy
the awesome weather!!

~ Sherri ~

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pickin' in Florida

Mr. Ruffles and I drove down to
the Vero Beach area this past weekend
to visit my Aunt who's visitng from
Michigan.. Before we met them for
dinner, you just know I had to do
some pickin'! LOL

We drove down to West Palm Beach,
and then back up to Vero Beach and
on the way home stopped at a couple
really nice antique malls in Sebastian.

We had planned on catching some rays
on the beach yesterday instead.. but, it
rained the entire day.. boo..

It was a great time regardless, and here
are some of my finds:

Vintage Recipe box

A pink flower frog!
I've never seen one pink!

And, see that silver piece
next to it? It's a crumb
catcher and brush. I LOVE it!!
Especially since our dining room
table has grooves in the top.
I actually vacume the top of our table
to get the food crumbs.. LOL
Not anymore!

Love, love, love ironstone!
I'm becoming quite the horder..

Silver Onieda Candle stick.. love it!

Check this baby out!

I haven't measured it yet,
but, I stand 5'9" and i can
barely touch the top!

Best find ever!!
(at least for me)

Detail on the frame,
imagine it white..
because you just know
it will be soon!!

~ Sherri ~

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chandy Do-Over

I found this iron chandy
at Renningers Flea Market
a few months ago. 

Here it is.. getting a bath in my sink!

I was going
to just paint it white and hang
it on our lanai.. but, once it was painted,
I thought it needed more UMPH!

So.. without further ado:

I added a ton of pearl strands,
rhinestones and some bling!

Sooo much better!

Funny thing is.. although I meant it for
our lanai.. Now, it's MUCH too
"Fu-Fee" to go with our lanai decor..

(it's a beach theme out there)

and, I already have 2 chandys
in the house.  So..
this one is going up to my booth!

I think it'll look great hanging with the
other lights and frilly things.

~ Sherri ~

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yard Sale Finds and Nesting Tables Redo

Happy March ya'll!

It's been quite the busy past
couple of weeks here at
the Ruffle Household!

Last week, my grandson James
and his other grandmas were
here for a visit.  We kept pretty
busy catching beetles & snails
in the morning.. and playing in
the afternoon in the wonderful
Florida sunshine!  We even managed
to get a trip to Sea World in, or,
as he calls it... "Shark Land"!

I now know more than I care to
about all sorts of sharks.. Lemon Sharks,
Tiger Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks..
Little James is quite the smarty pants
when it comes to sharks! 
(He'll even tell you which ones
will bite you and which ones won't.. hehe)

Here's a cute pic of him eating
Florida oranges on our lanai..

Silly kid!!

Last weekend Mr. Ruffles
went golfing.. *yawn*..

So.. I went to a few yard sales.
Sooo, happy I did!

Look what I found:

Silver Coffee Pot

Wonderful Scale
and more buttons!

Check this out!
My favorite find of the weekend.

A French bottle with
the labels still attached.
Did you see the top?
With the 4 holes..
how cool is that?!

Desk.. yes, I have the drawers.. LOL

Cute side table and
wood pedestal.

And, these nesting tables..

Today I got to work on them.

I cleaned them up, and
then painted 1 coat of white,
then, 1 dry brushed coat of grey..

Sanded them down to
give them that Shabby goodness..

and added a French graphic
to come up with these!

~ Sherri ~

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