Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chandy Do-Over

I found this iron chandy
at Renningers Flea Market
a few months ago. 

Here it is.. getting a bath in my sink!

I was going
to just paint it white and hang
it on our lanai.. but, once it was painted,
I thought it needed more UMPH!

So.. without further ado:

I added a ton of pearl strands,
rhinestones and some bling!

Sooo much better!

Funny thing is.. although I meant it for
our lanai.. Now, it's MUCH too
"Fu-Fee" to go with our lanai decor..

(it's a beach theme out there)

and, I already have 2 chandys
in the house.  So..
this one is going up to my booth!

I think it'll look great hanging with the
other lights and frilly things.

~ Sherri ~

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  1. That is a great transformation! Your chandy looks lovely all decked out in pearls.

  2. This came out very nice, love ot!

  3. Your chandy looks beautiful! Great transformation!

  4. Love the beads and bling. Very pretty.


  5. Thanks everyone! So happy ya'll like it! It was a little tedious at times, but, so worth it in the end.


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