Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Frenchy Coffee Table

I finally finished a coffee table
that's been sitting in my garage
since last April!  Poor thing has
been used for the last few months
as a stand and "catch all" for my
other painting projects.. I thought
it high time she receives a makeover too!

This is the only before picture I could
find of the coffee table, it was taken in
the back of my truck.. upside down..

I picked her up at Goodwill for a song!

I sanded it down, painted it white,
shabbied her up.. just a bit ~

For me, there was just something missing..
So, I hopped on over to Graphics Fairy
to see what I could find.

I found this wonderful French Typography
saved it to my computer, then enlarged it
by 250%.  It printed out onto 6 sheets of
paper.  I trimmed the paper down, taped it
all together (like a puzzle.. lol).

I put carbon paper underneath my copies,
and drew with pencil on top of my
copied paper so that the design would
"print" off onto my table from the carbon paper.

(I wish I would've taken a picture for ya'll
to see, but, once I get started on something
I get so excited to get going, I forget to
take pictures.. sooo sorry!!)

After tracing over the entire graphic,
I took a Sharpie Paint Pen and filled it in.

This is the end result!

As you can see, I screwed the "B" up
a little bit.. but, overall I think
it turned out great!

What do you think?

I haven't waxed her yet, I'm still
debating whether or not to
shabby over the graphic or not.


On another note, how many of you
are headed to Renningers this weekend?
I am sooo excited, I can hardly contain myself!
I am planning on going all 3 days and
I hope I recognize some people from blogland!!
If you recognize me, please say hi, I'd
love to meet you!


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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Christmas Decorations and an Old Door..

I've finished up a few projects
I started last week and yesterday
and am pretty excited to show ya'll!

I found an old door that was painted
grey on one side, and pink on the other.

Now, as much as we love pink.. I didn't
think the entire door needed to be.. so..
I painted the pink side white and shabbied it up!

I love how you can see some
of the pink underneath!

I'm getting pretty handy with the
drill too! (haha)
I screwed in a coat rack
I bought from Hobby Lobby.

I also worked on some
Christmas decorations for my booth:

I made a blue and silver wreath with
Christmas bulbs and silver wire ribbon

And, this gorgeous Holiday display
of gold bulbs (some vintage), a cloche,
stringed pearls, a plate and glitter ribbon...

LOVE how this turned out!!

I tied the bulbs in various areas
of the pearl strand so the pearls
wouldn't all drop to the bottom.

I also finished this silver tray
turned chalkboard.

I started by painting the center
with chalkboard paint..

Then, I handpainted the pink
around the chalkboard..

And, once again, hand painted the
decorative and very scrolly outside of the board.

Added satin white ribbon tied in bows
and now a once old tarnished
silver platter is beautiful again
with a new purpose!


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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fireplace Mantal

Happy Weekend ya'll! Finally!

I say finally because finally Mr. Ruffles
has some extra time to get my finished
projects up in the house..

I'm so excited to show you!!

First is a fireplace mantal I found off
of Craigslist, for only.... $50!
I drove about 45 miles to go get it, once
I got there we tried to fit it inside the back
of my SUV.. but, it wouldn't fit.

Not to worry, I have rope and bungy cords!
I was bound and determined to get this sucker home.

We ended up tying it to the top of my truck:

I had to drive all the way home
on one of the busiest streets in the area
going only about 30 - 35 mph.
(yep, I recieved several honkers
and a coupe middle fingers too!
Didn't care... I was getting it home!)

Here it is, off of the top of my truck
and in the garage ready for me to start:

All sanded down:

And, now.. finally finished and in my home:


I also wanted to share with you
a couple of pictures of the chandy
I finished. 

It's finally hung up in the dining room:

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

For me, it's back to the garage now.
We're cleaning it.. oh fun! NOT!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like...


Just the beginning, though..

Today I went up to my booth to re-arrange and
decorate a bit for Christmas! 

I bought a white tree, and added vintage icicles,
pink bulbs, pink roses and glittery silver leaves..

I also made 2 of these crosses:

I bought the wooden crosses at Walmart,
and hotglued a zillion and one
rhinestones on them..

They are both for sale at my booth..
But, I think I may have to make
another one to keep!

I also made this JOY sign
out of vintage buttons and
pink ticking fabric..

I just love how it turned out!

I also did some re-arranging and "fluffing"
in my booth.. enjoy!

I really apoligize for not posting
on my blog as of late.  I'm always checking,
but, quite honestly, I'm on Facebook more..
(Like.. every day.. LOL)

I would love for ya'll to come check out
Ruffles n Raspberries on Facebook!!

Just click on the link below:

And, if you ever find yourself near
Wildwood, Florida
please do come take a visit at
Traditions Antique Mall.

That's where my booth is.
The mall is huge and you will LOVE it!!

Here's the address:
Traditions Antique Mall
3107 E State Road 44
Wildwood, FL

See you there!
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