Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shabby Birdcage

I have a new birdcage all decorated up to show ya'll:

I painted it white. Inside I sewed a sweet little white pillow made from linen and then added a pink begonia and a white rose.. so sweet! On the top I added pink and white ribbon and some lace. And, of course, you can't forget this awfully pretty crystal beaded pink birdie..

Here's a quick shot of the back of the birdcage.

Antique Grain Sack Pillow

Easy peasy antique grain sack pillow. I bought the grain sack from an antique store here locally for only $4 bucks. It was quite a bit larger than the pillow is now.. I had to cut it down since there was quite a bit of black stain on it.  After cutting it down.. no more stain, and SOOO cute! Love, love love it!

New Shabby Pillows

Mornin' all! Just finished up sewing these pillows I started last night.

 I used antique napkins for the front, and iron transferred a print on each one from Graphics Fairy.  Then added the pretty yellow and pink rose corners and some lacey edging..

I think they turned out soo cute. Love the little girls and the added extra of Turquoise in the photos. I decided to add a small bow that matched the turquoise color and a antique looking heart shaped button to each one.

What do ya think?

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CL Find - Dresser

I picked up this gorgeous antique dresser I found on Craigslist earlier this week:

I'm a pretty impatient girl.. so, I got started right away!  The top of the dresser had 3 layers of this thin wood stuff that was all peeling up.  So, I started to peel it back by hand, only to find out it wasn't going to cooperate with me very easy.

I got out my "chisel" and hammer, and began to scrape off the old glued on layers

It's coming off pretty good now, and I've started to sand it down.  Man o man, my arms are killing me!

As I keep going, I'll add to this post so you can see the progression.. so excited and giddy to see the final product.. I can't wait till she's done!!

Bag for My Flea...

I always get a laugh out of some of the blog and post titles out there,
so, I thought I'd give my comical side a try.. :)

I don't really have any fleas.. well, not the itchy kind anyway!!  I found this burlap bag at The Fresh Market grocery store.  Thought it'd be great to bring with me to flea markets and such.  It sure helped carry alot of things from Renningers this past weekend, but, man o man.. my shoulders burned!!!  I wore a tank top and the more things I bought and stuffed into my bag, the more my shoulders would rub on the burlap and just burn and itch.  Guess I didn't think too far in advance on this one!

So, I made little shoulder pads of sort for my bag.  Check it out - My new "Flea Bag" :

I tied a couple of ribbons on the straps, the cream one says, "Journey".

On the top of the straps, so my shoulders won't hurt anymore I cut a peice of toile fabric scrap I had laying around in 2 wide strips.  Tucked it all around the straps, and on the side that would hang on my shoulder I added some pillow stuffing.. then hot glued the fabric and onto the straps.

Ready to go hunting for fleas flea market hunting!!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

117 Acres of Pure Joy

That's what I call where I went this past weekend!  I've been waiting for an entire month to go back to Renningers Antique Extravaganza.  Oh my word.. soooo many antiques, and over 1,000 vendors; thought I'd died and gone to antique heaven!!  I took my camara along to show all of you, but, once inside, I was so preoccupied with "hunting" I completely forgot it was in my bag.. sorry! I did manage to get one shot from where I was resting after a 7 hour antique-a-thon:

That's what all 117 acres looks like! Just packed with antique awesomeness!!
It's mostly all outside, and yes.. very very dirty.. but, that's half the fun!
Check out my feet afterwards:

Ah well, feet wash.. and so do all my finds:
Beautiful lines, ironstone, aqua ball jars, a huge ball jar, holly hobby and this odd food warmer thing-a-ma-jig.

These canning jars are so pretty when the light shines through them, I placed them in the window sill for now. Each morning I wake up, I look out towards the window and the blue just lights up the whole room. LOVE em.

I have started a small collection of Holly Hobby plates. Most of what I am finding is dated in 1972, the year I was born (ya ya.. you say I'm not that old, but, I sure feel it some days.. LOL)  I found this precious little plate to add:

Does anyone know what this is?  I thought it was so unique looking, and loved the black and white aspect of it, I had to grab it.. would love to know WHAT it is though..

Found some info on what this is! Yay! I'm thinkin' I got a great deal at $20, considering this one is going for $90. (Insert happy dance here!)

From Ruby Plaza:
"Grandly titled, (and in several places too!)'Samuel Clarke's Pyramid Food Warmer': the food warmer was in common use throughout the 19th century. This one dates from the end of the Victorian period and would have been part of a selection of invalid and nursery items, including spittoons and bedpans, sold by chemists. Used in sick rooms to keep food warm for invalids or for warming baby foods, it also served as a night light for the invalid or baby, and the attendant to see in the darkened room. For the invalid, pap was prepared from a mixture of flour or bread and milk. This would be gently warmed in the covered pot which was placed in a metal container of hot water over a night light candle."

Gorgeous antique linenes: napkins, hankercheifs, tableclothes and pillowcases.. ahhh.... love...

Guess what I grabbed for only $12 buckaroonies:

And this one for $10:

Everything I bought I just love, I had the best time, perfect Florida weather (in the low 80's).. couldn't of asked for a better day.  Although Renningers flea market is open every weekend, the Antique Extravaganza only comes around 3 times a year.. so, I have to wait until November for the next one.. boooo.. 

So, I talked DH in taking me again on Sunday! Joy!!

Look what I grabbed my 2nd time around:

I drink Coca-Cola likes it's goin' outta business.. so, when I saw this I just had to have it.  Not sure if you can read all the advertising on this little cupboard, but it says "Cures Headaches" and "Relieves Fatique".  Had to laugh a little bit, since I'm always saying I need a pick me up and I grab a Coke!
(Still grumbling over the fact that Coca-Cola used to only cost a nickel too.. hehehe)

Oh happy dance!! I found this ironstone pitcher and basin for only $20!

And, another Holly Hobby plate for my collection:

"Always take the time to say what's in your heart."
Truer words couldn't of been said.

And, lastly, but NOT least.. I just love love love this old tin advertising Fairy Soap.

One day, I'll take some pictures of my bedroom and show ya'll my collection of over 200 Fairys.  Ya, I said it.. over 200.. I'm a little (ok, alot) obsessed with fairys!!

There ya have it! Anyone who lives in the Central Florida area and wants to go to Renningers next November let me know!! Would love to have some friends join me next time!
(Be prepared for a loooong day, though.. hehe)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birdcage Re-do

Remember this birdcage from Hobby Lobby?

After painting and adding a couple of candles, birdnest, ribbon and a little bird who escaped..

It's all done!!

What do ya think? So much prettier all white!

(Of course.. I see the little mess now.. hehehe.. there's my ribbon on the table.. sigh)

Editing this post to show ya'll where I placed my birdcage:

Sittin' pretty on my little magazine side table.
(That was a DML Flea Market save I painted and shabbied up.. only $3!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Lazy Sunday..

Or, should I say.. hardly lazy!!

My day started off finishing a few pillows I had made the night before. Then, got a little more creative and made 2 of these seat cushion/covers.

See the chair in the background? That's already been painted and finished, it's just waiting on a cushion or seat cover. So, I thought I'd get busy and sew one up.. I started making the ruffles, and then the cushion. I was so excited because it turned out sooo pretty!! Until I put it on my chair and realized I made it just a bit too small.. grrr

I was going to wait until my dinette set was painted white to make covers for the 2 chairs, but, since it didn't fit on the background chair I got busy and made 2 of these to go on the set..

Here's the back of the chair.  I ended up sewing ties that were a bit too long, so, I double bowed them. CUTE!!

And a side view...

I'm so happy with the end result of these. Can't wait to get started on a bigger one for the chair in the background! 
Speaking of background.. how come there always seems to be a bit of a mess hidden until I take a picture!! LOL

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hobby Lobby Trip

Took a little "road trip" to Hobby Lobby today.  It's not that far away, only about 30 miles, but, it sure seems alot longer.. it's "oh so worth it", though!!

Had to pick up more stuffing for the new pillows I made last night, found a pretty rose shaped button for one of the pillows, a couple of really cute ladybug pinwheels for outside, and this awesome wooden birdcage at 60% off!
Of course, it'll be painted white to match the other birdcages on top of my hutch...

Oh.. I didn't mention I have a hutch?! hehe

I will show her soon enough. Right now she's a mess.. so, I 'll have to clean and organize her up a bit before I reveal her to ya'll!

Love this birdcage though.. with a price tag of $24 bucks and some white paint, it'll fit right in!

On a sidenote - please excuse the mess in the garage!  I didn't even notice the milkjug and cocacola box.. what the heck?!? LOL

Friday, February 4, 2011

CL Find - Vanity

This past week I went to a garage sale, posted on CL,
that was really an empty house sitting on 17 acres of land.
As we pulled up to the garage of the house,
we followed the owner inside.

(The garage was mainly full of old tools...
not too interesting for me.)

Inside the house was some mattresses, a couple of boxes,
a hutch and a couple of other peices of furniture.
I asked about the hutch first, or course...
but, sadly, the bottom of the hutch had
some intense water damage.
I stood for a minute, just peeking around... WALLAH!!
There she was, beautiful as ever!  My next "re-do".

Ain't she pretty?
A few nicks and scratches.. but, beautiful just the same.

She also came with a mirror.
It was attached when we bought it, but, 
I had removed it before the pictures were taken.
LOVE this antique mirror.

This thing is huge and in perfect conditon!

The drawers, already removed and ready to be cleaned out.
Check out the detail and carving on the 2 larger drawers..
No applique's to add at all, she's ready to go!

One more pic, taken after wiping her down.
I can't gaze at this beauty enough. Sooo pretty!
I can't wait to get started..
But, I have so many other projects going on right now,
I'm afraid she'll be waiting in the garage for a bit.

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