Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shabby Chic'd Vanity

It's me again!

And, this time I brought a friend!

Put your thinking caps on for this post...

Remember way back...
I mean waaaaaaay back..
When I first started my blog?

Remember this post about the vanity
I bought off of Craigslist? It was actually
my very first blog posting!

I finally finished her!
You can click over to the 1st post
I ever made on Ruffles n Raspberries
to read about how I got her HERE.

Here are some before pictures:

And here are her afters...

I "modpodged" her drawers
with Toile print scrapbook paper..

When Mr. Ruffles got home
he attached the huge mirror..

Yep, she's still in the garage..
and, she's not coming inside, yet..

She'll be for sale
in my new booth!!


From that.... to this:


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  1. Beautiful....Now spill the beans where is your booth. I have a favorite mall in Mount dora, I bet it is there!! They use to have a lady that did all Shabby chic and she left, they could use some shabby in there!


  2. My goodness Tynk, you did a fantastic job on this vanity. Love the way you finished it off with the interior drawers. Nice.

  3. Hi Tynk,
    I love the transformation and I sure wish I had one this pretty in my booth. Can't wait to see your new booth all up and ready to go.


  4. Hiya Carol, I'm opening my booth in Wildwood at Traditions. They had a shabby chic booth upstairs on the left when you walk in, too. The lady who ran that one has left, and I'm moving into that one.
    Which one left in Mt. Dora?? I frequent that mall quite a bit, and remember seeing 2 shabby chic booths there..

    Rosemary, coming from you.. WOW! Thankyou very much! I wait eagerly to see another post from you each day, your peices are to die for!!

    Sissie, thankyou honey :) I can't wait to have it all set up and take pictures to show ya!!
    I will have one heck of a busy weekend and week. We pack the truck tonight, unload and decorate my booth tomorrow and weekend, then, I'm off to Michigan to visit family next week. Needless to say, my stress level and nerves are at an all time high! LOL

    Thankyou to each and everyone of you for your encouragement and thoughtfullness to leave a comment, I really appreciate it! So happy to have met each of you!

    Love ya's!!

  5. are going to have some nice pieces of furniture in your booth!


  6. Hi Tynk! The vanity is beautiful and I bet it sells quickly. Congrats on your new booth. When we get moved to orlando I will need you and Carol to to give me the inside scoop on all the best antique malls. Thank you for joining my party this week.

  7. Thanks Sylvia, I hope the antique'rs think so too!

    Sherry, I hope so!! Thanks for coming on over :) I would love for us 3 gals to go on a antique tour.. I still have to make it over to Carol's booth. Hopefully soon!
    Thanks again, Sherri


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