Friday, February 4, 2011

CL Find - Vanity

This past week I went to a garage sale, posted on CL,
that was really an empty house sitting on 17 acres of land.
As we pulled up to the garage of the house,
we followed the owner inside.

(The garage was mainly full of old tools...
not too interesting for me.)

Inside the house was some mattresses, a couple of boxes,
a hutch and a couple of other peices of furniture.
I asked about the hutch first, or course...
but, sadly, the bottom of the hutch had
some intense water damage.
I stood for a minute, just peeking around... WALLAH!!
There she was, beautiful as ever!  My next "re-do".

Ain't she pretty?
A few nicks and scratches.. but, beautiful just the same.

She also came with a mirror.
It was attached when we bought it, but, 
I had removed it before the pictures were taken.
LOVE this antique mirror.

This thing is huge and in perfect conditon!

The drawers, already removed and ready to be cleaned out.
Check out the detail and carving on the 2 larger drawers..
No applique's to add at all, she's ready to go!

One more pic, taken after wiping her down.
I can't gaze at this beauty enough. Sooo pretty!
I can't wait to get started..
But, I have so many other projects going on right now,
I'm afraid she'll be waiting in the garage for a bit.

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