Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birdcage Re-do

Remember this birdcage from Hobby Lobby?

After painting and adding a couple of candles, birdnest, ribbon and a little bird who escaped..

It's all done!!

What do ya think? So much prettier all white!

(Of course.. I see the little mess now.. hehehe.. there's my ribbon on the table.. sigh)

Editing this post to show ya'll where I placed my birdcage:

Sittin' pretty on my little magazine side table.
(That was a DML Flea Market save I painted and shabbied up.. only $3!)


  1. I love it! It looks so pretty.


  2. Thanks Kathy :) It's inspired me to paint my other ones as well.. I'll post a picture tomorrow of where I placed them all.

  3. Very cute! I actually have a brown bird cage buried in my basement somewhere. Thanks for the inspiration! It is lovely!

  4. Thanks Kimberlea! Would love to see pics of your birdcage afterwards :)

  5. Nice transformation. Everything is better in white!!! ~~Sherry~~

  6. Thanks Sherry, I couldn't agree more!

  7. Omgosh I think this is the exact same bird cage that I have I got mine at goodwill for 3.99 and i Painted mine white too, It looks great I love how you displayed yours on the little magazine table, I've had mine for a while now and still Haven't found a good way to display it, yours looks so cute it inspires me to try and find a good spot for mine.

  8. Thanks, I thought I had got a good deal.. but, $3.99 is WAY better!! Good job ;-)

  9. I LOVE birdcages and especially white ones, so yours is simply divine!
    Why do you think birdcages are so pretty to us?
    So nice to meet you! AND your little yellow/cream birdie!
    May you be blessed making your home today!
    HUGS from South Carolina!

  10. This is adorable, love the color!
    Thanks for linking!


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