Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hobby Lobby Trip

Took a little "road trip" to Hobby Lobby today.  It's not that far away, only about 30 miles, but, it sure seems alot longer.. it's "oh so worth it", though!!

Had to pick up more stuffing for the new pillows I made last night, found a pretty rose shaped button for one of the pillows, a couple of really cute ladybug pinwheels for outside, and this awesome wooden birdcage at 60% off!
Of course, it'll be painted white to match the other birdcages on top of my hutch...

Oh.. I didn't mention I have a hutch?! hehe

I will show her soon enough. Right now she's a mess.. so, I 'll have to clean and organize her up a bit before I reveal her to ya'll!

Love this birdcage though.. with a price tag of $24 bucks and some white paint, it'll fit right in!

On a sidenote - please excuse the mess in the garage!  I didn't even notice the milkjug and cocacola box.. what the heck?!? LOL


  1. don't you just LOVE hobby lobby? There are so many fun things there. I can't ever seem to leave hobby lobby without a bag full of stuff.
    Cute birdcage!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Emily.

    My problem is going in for just a couple things, and needing a U-Haul when I leave! :)


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