Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Barstool Makeover

I bought these 3 barstools at Traditions Antique Mall
(where my booth is located) during their outside fair
They have every so often..

Obviously they were crying for a makeover!

So, I was happy to oblige..
3 layers of dark grey, light grey and whitewash..

Then, I painted this graphic I found at

Sooo much better!

~ Sherri ~
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Awesome Day for "Pickin"

Oh my gosh.. I had the BEST day ever pickin!!

I spent some the money I've been saving for
the Extravaganza Renningers Flea Market this weekend..

But ~ It was SO worth it!

Check out some of my finds:
Dresser mirror, small compact purse,
lace and a purple glass bottle.
Shabby floral planter..

Wood framed beveled mirror
& dresser mirror..

Old books from the 1800's.
See the middle one?
Little Women!

Antique Chandelier
"Made in Italy"

Most favorite find of the day..
Really old ballerina dress..
*Sigh* & Adoration!

Painting of 3 ballerinas

Lovely old quilt

And, I finally found the antique buffet
I've been searching for!
I've been wanting to get rid of our
entertainment center and replace it
with one of these..
I've been searching and searching..
and, today.. finally!! YAY!
Everything you see above
except the buffet (of course.. LOL)
will be in my booth by the weekend,
if you're interested in purchasing.
What have you found on your pickin trips lately??
~ Sherri ~
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Catching Up With Ya'll.. Booth Pics & Antique Bed Makeover!

Yep, it's been a minute and a day
since I last added a blog post.
My apologies!
Since before Christmas I've been SOOOO busy!
My brother visited from Germany
for a few days before Christmas.
I had such a good visit with him,
we did some catching up,
shopping and an entire day
at Universal Studios riding roller coasters!
After he left, Mr. R and I visited Puerto Rico
again for the holidays.
The picture is the view from our hotel room.
We stayed for 6 days this time,
and wish we could've stayed longer!
I finally got to see the rain forest, too.
A couple of years ago, we took my son,
Anthony with us.  We booked a tour
to visit the rain forest, but, it ended up
being cancelled due to rain..
Ya, I thought that was crazy too.. you can't
visit the rain forest .. when it rains! LOL
 After we got home I had a TON to do
straightening and "fluffing" my booth
at Traditions Antique Mall.
Thankyou to everyone who visited and
bought from my booth! I appreciate it so much.
Now my booth is all ready for Valentines Day!
I just brought this antique vanity
into my booth a couple of days ago.
She's a beauty for sure!
I picked this gorgeous antique bed
up right before we left for vacation.
Sooo pretty!!
But, ya know I just have to make her
Here's the before:
And.. here's the after!!

Yep.. I'm pretty much squealing
with delight on how she turned out!

 I painted a light pink on the flowers,
and a silver on the leafing..
then added more white on top
and shabbied all over..
 Gorgeous details all over this beauty!

I almost forgot to show ya..
My favorite Christmas prezzie
I received was from my mom.
Well, actually, my mom and my brother!
My brother lives in Germany,
and last year he sent me some
antique sacks for Christmas.
I used 4 of them to cover my dining room chairs,
and with this one below.. my mom sewed me
a flea market bag!
It's huge and I just LOVE it!!

Can't wait for Renningers Extravaganza
next week to fill it with all sorts of goodies!!
~ Sherri ~

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