Friday, January 11, 2013

Catching Up With Ya'll.. Booth Pics & Antique Bed Makeover!

Yep, it's been a minute and a day
since I last added a blog post.
My apologies!
Since before Christmas I've been SOOOO busy!
My brother visited from Germany
for a few days before Christmas.
I had such a good visit with him,
we did some catching up,
shopping and an entire day
at Universal Studios riding roller coasters!
After he left, Mr. R and I visited Puerto Rico
again for the holidays.
The picture is the view from our hotel room.
We stayed for 6 days this time,
and wish we could've stayed longer!
I finally got to see the rain forest, too.
A couple of years ago, we took my son,
Anthony with us.  We booked a tour
to visit the rain forest, but, it ended up
being cancelled due to rain..
Ya, I thought that was crazy too.. you can't
visit the rain forest .. when it rains! LOL
 After we got home I had a TON to do
straightening and "fluffing" my booth
at Traditions Antique Mall.
Thankyou to everyone who visited and
bought from my booth! I appreciate it so much.
Now my booth is all ready for Valentines Day!
I just brought this antique vanity
into my booth a couple of days ago.
She's a beauty for sure!
I picked this gorgeous antique bed
up right before we left for vacation.
Sooo pretty!!
But, ya know I just have to make her
Here's the before:
And.. here's the after!!

Yep.. I'm pretty much squealing
with delight on how she turned out!

 I painted a light pink on the flowers,
and a silver on the leafing..
then added more white on top
and shabbied all over..
 Gorgeous details all over this beauty!

I almost forgot to show ya..
My favorite Christmas prezzie
I received was from my mom.
Well, actually, my mom and my brother!
My brother lives in Germany,
and last year he sent me some
antique sacks for Christmas.
I used 4 of them to cover my dining room chairs,
and with this one below.. my mom sewed me
a flea market bag!
It's huge and I just LOVE it!!

Can't wait for Renningers Extravaganza
next week to fill it with all sorts of goodies!!
~ Sherri ~


  1. Oh my goodness--that bed is divine! Your booth also is so pretty. Love what you did with the ceiling!


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