Friday, April 29, 2011

First Feature!

I'm so excited! My Ruffle Bag was featured!

Lovely Crafty Home

It's my first feature, so, I'm pretty happy this morning!

Please go check out: Lovely Craft Home, where I my bag was featured. Rachel has a really nice home, and some great DIY projects.

Thankyou Rachel! I'll display my award proudly!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ruffled Lamp

No, I'm not crazy.. I usually don't get so much done...
But, Mr. Ruffles is away on business until Sunday morning,
so I thought I'd get some of the smaller "ta-do's" finished.

I bought this lamp awhile back with the intention of
painting it white, of course.
(Jeez, aren't I the repetitive one! LOL)

I did take a before picture.. yay!!

Ok, ok.. not TOTALLY a before picture.. hehehe!
But, you get the idea.

I gave the lamp post a coat of white paint with my paint brush...
yeah... 2nd coat with my paint brush.. no way!
I got out the spray paint to finish this one off. Whew!

For the lamp shade I sewed 5 strips of white fabric and ruffled em up.
Then, hot glued them around the shade.

And, just kept going...

Until it was done!

From this:

To this:

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Beat Up Old Barn Chair

At least that's what she looked like to me!

(Insert before picture here.. oh yeah, I forgot.. AGAIN! Sooo sorry!!)

I found her at a thrift store, pretty dirty and dinged up,
the bottom of one of the legs even had some wood chunked out of it..
I didn't care.
I saw the potential and thought it was soo cute..

(Not to mention the price tag of only $8 bucks)

So, again, I'm sorry for the lack of a before picture,
but, I think the forgiveness starts when you see the afters!

I used a creamy light yellow paint that we had left over
from the other house...

Heavily distressed this one, since the wood itself was pretty beat up...

I just love her now.. so pretty!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shabby Caddy

Good afternoon everyone, hope you're enjoying the day?

I took a break from my dining room table and chairs, and finished a little caddy I found while thrifting the other day. 
Ain't she ugly.. eh hem.. pretty?!

Well, now look at her!

I cut a circle of toile from a leftover scrap I had and glued it in...
Soooo much better than whatever that was before!

And, of course, shabbied her up a bit...

What do ya think?

I also wanted to share a couple of pictures I took of a pillow I made yesterday using a graphic from The Graphics Fairy. I spray glued a peice of drop cloth to another peice of cardstock, and ran the image through my printer.  I think it turned out great!

Notice the large roses on the table?

I found those at Michaels. Such a pretty shade of blushed pink. Michaels had the roses and some hydrangeas in the same color, I bought 3 roses and 3 hydrangea stems. Soo gorgeous!!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Help Post.. What to do?!

Good morning friends!! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter!

I have a dilema.. I am in the process of stripping down my dining room table and chairs. I have stripped down one chair:

Only to find out it's a really.. and I mean REALLY light wood color. Almost white itself.

The issue is, I want to shabby it in white. I painted it 2 coats of white, and began to sand on the edges to "shabby" it up, only to discover that the wood is so light colored you can barely see the wood underneath.

Does anyone have a solution to making the wood underneath darker so it shows through better against the white paint? Do I stain the chair before painting? That's what I'm thinking, but, I'd rather not ruin the chair, ya know? If anyone knows the answer, or has a clue, I'd be forever grateful!!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ruffle Bag

Yippee!!! Lookie what I made today!

More ruffles!!

I'm pretty excited it turned out the way it did, since it's my first attempt at sewing a ruffle bag.
(And, since it took me almost 4 hours to figure it out and put it together.. LOL)

I used white duck cloth for the bag itself, and then I used white cotton for some of the ruffles and inside out cottage rose patterned material for the other ruffles.

I also made a liner out of the rose fabric, and even added a pocket inside!

I'm just thrilled how it turned out.. soooo cute!!

Love .. Love.. Love...

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cake -n- Candlestick

On my trip to Michigan a few weeks ago, I picked up this "fake cake" at one of my absolute favorite stores Warmbler Farms. Everytime I go to Michigan, I make SURE I stop here.. this store is a virtual paradise for decorators.. this place has every theme from beachy, shabby, roosters, outdoor decor, fairys, floral and sooo much more!  I'm still waiting for them to open an online shop, but, for now, I have to wait for my trips.

This "fake cake" looks soooo real!! So delicious and yummy, I thought it'd be so adorable on my cake plate I picked up at DML a few months ago.. I was right! $22 bucks is all to adorn my cake plate inside my hutch.

I also have a before an after of a fairly large candle holder. I bought it at goodwill for $2.99.

There are some pretty awesome carvings and details in this:

A little white paint later ... and now look!!!

Before and After:

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Aged Cherub

Happy Monday ya'll!! Mondays are happy.. right? Well, they are for me, especially after seeing how my first attempt at "aging" a cherub ended up.  I'm pretty happy with the result!

I "snagged" borrowed the idea from:
Thankyou for the awesome tutorial!!

Although, when I started, I didn't print out her directions and bring with me in the garage, I attempted to just remember.. I didn't use quite the same colors, I didn't use glaze; I used stain instead, and the steps I took were a bit different.. but, ended up pretty much the same.

This cherub started out totally white (if ya know me, you'd think I was crazy to paint anything that was already white!! LOL) but, I really wanted to try this out. Yep, I forgot the before pic.. grrr... But, here's the afters:

I started with French Blue, then dry brushed white. After dry brushing I added stain to the creases and wiped out the excess right away. After staining, I added another coat of white dry brushing.

This sweet aged cherub took FOREVER to dry!!
But, well worth the wait.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Framed Key Wall

I can't believe it's still morning (well, for another 1/2 an hour) and I already checked and answered emails, went out for breakfast, made a pit stop at Lowes.. browsed at Renningers Antique Market.. and took some pictures to share with ya'll! Good start to the day - but, I do see a nap in my near future.. hehe..

I wanted to share with you 2 walls I completed (well, I guess nothing is EVER "complete")..

On one wall I had Mr. Ruffles hand my shelf from Home Goods I repainted white, of course. And added my $7 clearance mirror from Tuesday morning:

On the shelf I added some cream colored roses and glass jars.

On the wall next to this one I took some "goodwill"/"garage sale" frames, spraypainted them white, matted them with drop cloth fabric and hot glued a few of my keys to the middles.. it turned out sooo cute!!

So, now, of course, I am on the hunt for more keys and frames!
I would love to add more like this to the wall.

What do ya think?

I mentioned that I stopped at Renningers this morning too.
I found a couple of great things I'm pretty excited about!

A tattered chair I'll be placing a plant on and putting inside the little garden area we now have just outside the dinnette area, and an old rusty clam basket.. yippee!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them both!!

Thinking I should move the chair over.. just a bit.. and hide that electrical box!

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Sweet Side Table

Good morning Friends!

It's going to be a beautiful day here in Florida.. sunny and 87.  "Mr. Ruffles" has the day off of work today, so we are headed off to the greenhouse this morning, and then to the Leesburg, FL bike fest this afternoon. I'm so happy the weather will be sunny and warm out for our day.

Before we leave, I wanted to share with you the side table re-do I completed yesterday.

Here are the "befores":

And.. here are the afters:

She's so pretty now!! Yay!

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