Monday, April 25, 2011

Help Post.. What to do?!

Good morning friends!! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter!

I have a dilema.. I am in the process of stripping down my dining room table and chairs. I have stripped down one chair:

Only to find out it's a really.. and I mean REALLY light wood color. Almost white itself.

The issue is, I want to shabby it in white. I painted it 2 coats of white, and began to sand on the edges to "shabby" it up, only to discover that the wood is so light colored you can barely see the wood underneath.

Does anyone have a solution to making the wood underneath darker so it shows through better against the white paint? Do I stain the chair before painting? That's what I'm thinking, but, I'd rather not ruin the chair, ya know? If anyone knows the answer, or has a clue, I'd be forever grateful!!



  1. Hi tynk! I have a way that I do it and it works for me, but I also do things kinda ghetto sometimes :/! In situations like this I will paint areas I want to shabbify with a dark brown paint and then put wax over those areas and paint white on top, then Ill lightly sand on top of the wax and the brown shows thru. TADA! But like I said, its my ghetto way and ghetto doesnt work for everyone.

  2. Nuttin wrong with a little ghetto! LOL

    I think I was thinkin' along the same lines with staining it first.. Thanks for the idea, I'm going to give both a try on the underside of 1 chair before I go all out. :)

  3. Hi Tynk...First, thanks for following me and now I'm following you.
    Do you follow Miss Mustard Seed? She has all the answers! Oh yah, I see her on your side bar. We are trying to get the Chalk paint and stain she is using now.
    Now I'm going to spend some time visiting you.
    Enjoy your day~KarenSue

  4. Hi KarenSue! Nice to meet you! I came across your blog from an ad on Craigslist for Art Angels, I am going to have to take a trip down there and see all your gorgeous treasures!!

    Isn't Miss Mustard Seed great? Soo many ideas. I have searched a bit on what to do, but, there are so many how tos I tend to start on one and that leads to another, and then another!! Before I know it, I'm off to try something else.. haha.

    Thanks for comin' on over, always great to "meet" new friends in the area!


  5. Can't wait to see how your dinning room set turns out. I would stain the original wood, let dry and then repaint white over it. I believe it will give it a more professional look.Then you can go at distressing and giving it the shabby look. You will probably be living with it for awhile. But if you want a quickie job you can always go Marisa's method. I have done that too on smaller pieces. Everything works and it is only paint. It can always be redone.
    bonne chance

  6. Morning Caroline, thanks for commenting.. I did do a small spot of stain where I had already distressed.. then put a coat of white overtop of it. The stain part did come right through where I distressed.. so I think that's exactly the route I'm going to go.

    Mr. Ruffles thinks I should just paint the entire set white and leave it alone. He likes simple a little TOO much! LOL But, I just love the distressed look. And, you're right, this set will be with us for quite some time, so the pre-staining is a great idea.

    Thanks again! I appreciate your help :)


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