Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fun Finds at Renningers Flea Market

Hi ya'll!

I ventured on down,
the whole 3 miles from my house,
to Renningers Flea Market this morning!

I just LOVE a good flea market
and I'm sooo happy that it's that
time of year here again in Florida..

Not to mention, one of the best
is right down the road. ♥

I can't wait for Januarys' Extranvaganza..
crossing my fingers I'm not sick this time...


I want to share with you
the fun stuff I found today..

"Butt Basket"


All Pink ~n~ Rosy

I just adore this
Symbols of Royalty painting!

Made in Ireland..

And.. who does't love an
assortment of old keys
and paddlocks?!

Hope you enjoyed seeing
some of my finds from
the flea market today..


Christmas is almost here,
seems like it really snuck
up on me this year.. LOL

I wish each and every
one of you
the very best Christmas ever!

~ Merry Christmas ~


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cabbage & Roses Chair

Good morning Friends,
Can you believe there's only
11 more days until Christmas?

Seems the older I get
the faster time just flys by.. *sigh*

On the flip side, though, with most of
my family still in Michigan, we figured
there was really no reason to sit here and
stare at my walls on Christmas, so,
Mr. Ruffles and I are off to Puerto Rico!!

My parents are coming down in January,
and I'll be flying up to see my grandson James,
and my daughter in January, as well..

I can't wait to catch some sun and warmer weather...

~ Feliz Navidad!! ~

I finished up this chair
I found at a local thrift store.

~ Before ~

So excited to show you
what a little white paint
and some gorgeous
Cabbage & Roses
fabric can do!!

~ After ~

I painted it white (of course!)
and shabbied it all up..

Then, overstuffed the seat and
covered it with this gorgeous
Cabbage & Roses fabric.

I only wish I had 5 more
chairs just like it!!

But, I know now what I'll
be recovering my
dining room set with!

~ Sherri ~

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Catching up..

Happy Holidays my Friends!
I'm here, I haven't vanished.. well.. not completely..
It's been a rough couple of weeks
here in the RnR house.

The weekend of Renningers I came down
with a nasty case of a chest cold mixed with the flu.
Ugh.. what a weekend to get sick!  I did make it on
Friday for most of the day and thought I was better
when I woke up on Saturday ~ so, I went again for
a couple of hours ~ only to end up getting dizzy and hot.
So.. back to bed for me!  It lasted just over 4 days.. yuck!!

I did pick up a couple awesome peices of ironstone
(my personal favorite)

LOVE this pitcher with the "ice lip"

And, I just ADORE this ironstone set of
Tea/Coffee pot, 2 cups, 2 saucers,
creamer and sugar bowl with lid.
No chips, no cracks..
Just gorgeous!!

I also picked up this frame for only $20!

I really wish I would've felt better,
and could've spent more time at
Renningers.. but, at least there
are 2 more big extravaganzas coming up.
There's one in January & another in February.


So, on to my next adventure..

Mr. Ruffles suprized me with an
overnight trip to St. Augustine
for Thanksgiving!

Ahhh.. I just love that town!
Mr. Ruffles ain't too shabby either.. LOL

We stayed at the Wescott House
Bed ~n~ Breakfast:

In the Anastasia Room upstairs..

The Innkeeper says it was the Master Bedroom where
Dr. John Westcott,
a well known physician for the militia, stayed.

Gorgeous Chandy in the stairwell.

Inside our room.

Looking downstairs to the front door.

LOVE this vanity..
This was the first picture I took of it.

And, the second..
Look how many orbs came to visit!!

3rd picture, taken right after the 2nd..
They're all gone.. crazy!!

This was my view at the Colombia Restaurant.
We had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner here
with all the fixins..

Afterwards.. Mr. Ruffles suprized me again ~
A carriage ride around the entire town
in the only PINK  carriage!!

Awww.. I just love him!
If ever there was a man that
deserved the title "Keeper"
it's Mr. Ruffles.. FOR SURE!!

I had a wonderful time in
St. Augustine, and can't wait to go back.


Now, for the not so nice news.
As we were leaving St. Aug. I got a
phone call from my dad letting me know
my sweet grandmother of 96 years had passed.

I love her sooo much, and it's been a really
difficult week for me.  I am trully blessed
to of been so lucky to have a grandmother
like her for the past 40 years.

I flew up to Michigan for her funeral
last week, only to return and learn
that Mr. Ruffles father has suffered his
3rd stroke.  The blows just keep coming
this season.  We keep our faith, and I
rejoice in the fact that I know my grandmother
is with my grandpa in Heaven with the Lord.

She is happy.

~ Sherri~

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