Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bench Before and After

Ever have one of those ideas in your head?

It's all calculated out... in your head..

What fabric you're going to use..

Exactly what it's going to look like when it's completed?

Down to the last piece of lace..

I had a vision, but, in the end,
it ended up much better
that what was.. in my head...

I had invisioned this bench:

with lots and lots of lace layers,
and lots and lost of ribbons and bows..

totally girly!

After I was done cutting and stapling
the drop cloth fabric to the bench
I realized I didn't have quite enough fabric
to cover the entire bench. Boo!!

Only the bottom section was bare.
So, I went in my craftroom to see
what lace I had that I could use
to cover this part up.

Nothing seemed to work
until I remembered
I had this burlap "ribbon"
I bought a week or so ago.

It fit perfectly!!

So, in my head,
it was going to turn out totally girly..

In the end..

It's MUCH better than what I had envisioned!!


I added the numbered burlap around the bottom,
and up towards the arms..

And, added apholstry tacks all the way down the arms.

I just love it!!

And, SO happy it didn't turn out AS girly..


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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Antique Dresser Makeover

Yeppers, a 2nd post in 1 day!
I'm ona roll.. LOL

I was able to finish up this really cute dresser
I bought off of another dealer at the antique mall
where I sell some of my re-dos:
Traditions Antique Mall in Wildwood, FL.

If you ever get the chance to stop in, please do,
I know you will just LOVE it!

Back to the dresser..

Here is the before:

Really cute legs and great smaller size..

But... ya know I couldn't just leave her alone!

I made some rose applique's from
the handle of a silver platter I had
and added them to the front of the dresser.

She's SOOO much prettier now!

Make sure you click on the pictures
so you can see these appliques..

I think they turned out really good.
I'm excited to put them on other projects now!

Check out these gorgeous drawer pulls!
Soooo cool, right?

 From that..                                   to this!

~ Sherri ~

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My Kitchen Table Re-Do

I bought this kitchen table and chairs off of Craigslist
a few years ago. I wanted a "farmhouse" looking table,
and, I knew I had found one with this:

I had already started re-doing the chairs,
as you can see.. but, the table, to be honest
kind of antimidated me a bit.

It had a really thick coating of laquer on the top,
not to mention, I just detest paint stripping.. LOL

My dad stripped the chairs down for me.. whew!
I recovered each seat in a different antique sack
from Germany.  My brother, who lives in Germany,
has been sending them to me for my birthdays and Christmas'!
(What an AWESOME brother I have!)

Anywho.. I finally got around to repainting my table..
Of course, only after Mr. Ruffles bought me a power sander.
That baby is AWESOME!!

I was able to totally strip down the paint and varnish
from the table in just less than an hour..

And, the after is here:

I just LOVE my "new table"!!

I still have to sand (shabby up) 2 more chairs,
but, for now, I am so happy I don't have to cover
that ugly table with a table cloth anymore!

My dining room..

One of the chairs covered with an
antique German sack.

From that..                               To this!!

~ Sherri ~

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