Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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Hi ya'll, I had to come inside to take a break
from painting for a bit. Man o man is it hot out there!

Summer is definatley here in Florida.. whew!

Anyway, I was clicking around on the internet
and found a new way to follow all your favorite blogs.

It's very user friendly.. if you'd like to keep in touch
with what I'm doing on Ruffles n Raspberries,
just sign up by clicking on the link below.
Again, it's very easy and simple.

Happy Blogging, ya'll!!

~ Sherri ~

Friday, May 18, 2012

Frenchy Chair Makeover

TGIF ya'll!

Usually, Friday nights after
Mr. Ruffles gets out of work,
we go out for dinner and spend
some much needed "us" time. 
But, this weekend he's gone working..


I've started to "plow" through my stash
of junk awesome finds in my garage,
no better time than the present!

I found 2 of these chairs in south Florida
a few months ago.  They've sat in my garage
for quite some time, getting pushed further
and further in the back corner, all because of
my fear of reapolstering.

I recovered chair seats before, but,
never "real" reapolstering..

Here is the before:

I ripped the cording off,
(man o man there were at least a billion staples!)
stripped the chair down,
and painted 3 layers of paint.
White, then grey, and then white again.
Shabbied and waxed her all up,
and began to change her appearance.

It took me all day yesterday
and most of the morning today..
but, she's finally finished!!!

Yeah, I said it,
you're not losing it... there are 2.
But, the other one is going
to sit for a bit longer... this baby
took forever and a day!!


I need a break.. LOL

From that...                             To this!


~ Sherri ~

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pink Princess Chandelier

Oh my goodness, wait till you see
what I went and did now!

I bought this chandy off of Craigslist
last week.  FULL of crystals..
and yucky gold.

Originally I was just going to clean
it up a bit and bring it up to my booth..
But, once I started cleaning it,
I started to unravel the rust too..
and not the good kind.

I ran up to Walmart with the intention
of standing in front of the spray paint
shelves and hoping a color would jump
out at me... like turquoise, or something...
(That's what color I was hoping would
make my heart sing anyway..)

Nope, no turquoise.. instead..
Princess Pink!

Here's the before, once more..

And, here's the after!

Man oh man, did she clean up purdy!!

Over 75 crystals...

I think it's perfect for
your bathroom, entryway
your little girls pink princess room!

From that...                  To this!

~ Sherri ~

PS.. This fabulous chandy is for sale.
It's currently just "hanging around"
in my booth.. LOL

Really great steal at only $155!!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ruffles n Raspberries Booth

I went up to my booth yesterday
and finally remembered to take my camara along!

If you're ever in the Wildwood, FL area
please do let me know, I'd love to meet you.

I am vendor #20
The mall is located at:
3107 E. State Road 44
Wildwood, FL 34785

Located off I-75 Exit 329

Here are the pictures
I'd like to share with ya'll..

Hope to see you soon!!

~ Sherri ~

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Table and Chairs ~ Before and After

Last week I picked up this table and chairs set
off of Craigslist.

It's a gorgeous drop leaf table
with 3 leaves and 5 chairs!

What's not so gorgeous is
the water marks, stains, chips,
and the fuzzy blue fabric on the chairs.


I started to rip the chair covers off
to find there was a previous fabric cover
underneath the blue as well.  It was a really
ugly tapestry colored almost black.

Not only were there 2 layers, the covers
were stapled, nailed AND glued! Sheesh!

I am now sporting a few blisters,
a broken nail, and a few cuts on my hands..

All in all.. it was sooo worth it.
Check out the afters!!

Painted white, of course..

Recovered the chair seats
with some beautiful
yellow, blue and white toile fabric.

Shabbied her up..

LOVE that it can be converted
to a drop leaf breakfast table too.

So cute!

(I still need to paint the 3 leaves
that came with the table..
but, for now, I'm taking a break!)

~ Sherri~
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