Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pink Princess Chandelier

Oh my goodness, wait till you see
what I went and did now!

I bought this chandy off of Craigslist
last week.  FULL of crystals..
and yucky gold.

Originally I was just going to clean
it up a bit and bring it up to my booth..
But, once I started cleaning it,
I started to unravel the rust too..
and not the good kind.

I ran up to Walmart with the intention
of standing in front of the spray paint
shelves and hoping a color would jump
out at me... like turquoise, or something...
(That's what color I was hoping would
make my heart sing anyway..)

Nope, no turquoise.. instead..
Princess Pink!

Here's the before, once more..

And, here's the after!

Man oh man, did she clean up purdy!!

Over 75 crystals...

I think it's perfect for
your bathroom, entryway
your little girls pink princess room!

From that...                  To this!

~ Sherri ~

PS.. This fabulous chandy is for sale.
It's currently just "hanging around"
in my booth.. LOL

Really great steal at only $155!!

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  1. Oh my goodness--this is amazing! I love it. The pink looks perfect!

  2. Love it. The crystals are soo beautiful.

  3. I love it! NOW it will sell! I have had those bright brassy chandys before, they always need a paint jo and your right this one is purdy!


  4. Oh this would be so pretty with the dresser I just did!
    Your newest follower - would love for you to follow me!!!

  5. Hiya Sandy, Amy, Carol and Suzyq, thanks so much for stopping over!! :-)

    So happy ya'll liked the result, I'm pretty happy with it! MUCH better pink than gold .. for sure!!


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