Saturday, May 5, 2012

Table and Chairs ~ Before and After

Last week I picked up this table and chairs set
off of Craigslist.

It's a gorgeous drop leaf table
with 3 leaves and 5 chairs!

What's not so gorgeous is
the water marks, stains, chips,
and the fuzzy blue fabric on the chairs.


I started to rip the chair covers off
to find there was a previous fabric cover
underneath the blue as well.  It was a really
ugly tapestry colored almost black.

Not only were there 2 layers, the covers
were stapled, nailed AND glued! Sheesh!

I am now sporting a few blisters,
a broken nail, and a few cuts on my hands..

All in all.. it was sooo worth it.
Check out the afters!!

Painted white, of course..

Recovered the chair seats
with some beautiful
yellow, blue and white toile fabric.

Shabbied her up..

LOVE that it can be converted
to a drop leaf breakfast table too.

So cute!

(I still need to paint the 3 leaves
that came with the table..
but, for now, I'm taking a break!)

~ Sherri~


  1. Looks great! You know I never re-do furniture to sell, just for myself..and I always leave on the layers of upholstery. I figure they tell a story!

  2. Oh sure does look better and prettier!!! Great job.


  3. Thanks so much Sandy and Sylvia :-)

    Sandy, the stories left behind on those chairs needed to be kept a secret.. The smell was unspeakable!! LOL


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