Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daytona Weekend

Good morning friends!

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend... I sure did! Mr. Ruffles and I went to Daytona Beach.

We were only there for 1 night (would've loved to stay longer, but, duty calls on Tuesday morning!)

We stayed at the Hilton, on the beach, right next to the pier..

And got a "Terrace" room on the 7th floor. What a view!!

I had a great time.. warm water - warm weather - gorgeous views - sun - sand and great company!!

I also, couldn't help scanning Craigslist Friday evening before we left..

I found this beautiful 1 piece hutch for sale
and picked her up yesterday before leaving Daytona for home:

I have SOOO many unfinished projects in the garage
we are running out of room.

I promised Mr. Ruffles I wouldn't buy any more
furniture until I get some totally completed...

Hopefully I don't go into thrifting withdrawals!!

I also wanted to give a great big welcome and hello to my new friends here on Blogger and Facebook:


It's so nice to meet new friends, and have ALL my friends back on Blogger!!


*Edit: (4:44 pm) Keeping with my true self and my many many unfinished projects, I decided today was a great day to start on the hutch.. lol I have her sanded down... I would post a "ta-do" list; but, then you'd know exactly how many unfinished projects I really have in my garage.  I don't think Blogger has enough "storage" to hold that list... I know my garage is screaming for an escape!! LOL

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pillow and Thrifting Finds...

Waiting for the paint to dry.. no, really.. I am!  LOL

Thought I'd make a cute little pillow and show you some thrifty finds.

For the pillow, I used bleached dropcloth, blue ticking and a shabby chic rose print heart.

Layered... Simple.. Sweet...

Yep, that's my messy craft/sewing desk you see too.. lucky ducks you!


I found a really curvy coffee table when I was out thrifting.

A really neat childrens rocking chair:

Look at the rocker part.. sheesh.. she's got skiis I tell ya.. skiis!!!

I'm having a slight arguement with "Auntie Flo" today and I don't feel like doing much of anything today, so the stuff stays in the truck for Mr. Ruffles to get out!!  LOL


I ordered the cutest EVER pink rainboots from Target the other day.

Online, they were clearanced to only $7!

Thought I'd tease ya'll a lill bit too.

This is 1 of the drawers to that yummy green dresser I showed you the other day shown HERE.

That's all.. just a peek.. I told ya'll.. I'm waiting for the paint to dry!! ;-)

I picked this 9 drawer beauty up last week from Craigslist.

I'm pretty sure she's going in our bedroom:

Which is a disaster right now, but, wait till you see the after!!!

Even with the mess in there.. bedside tables, painters tape, a step ladder...

The unmaid bed still looks pretty inviting to me right now!!

Yep... I think Aunt Flo is winning the arguement right now... ugh!!

~ Hope ya'll have an AWESOME Memorial Day weekend ~


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My Missing Friends...

Argh!! Sooo frustrated with Blogger!

First I couldn't post anything.. anywhere.. and now

I've lost all my friends.  All 56 of you aren't showing up on my sidebar.

No one is showing up in the google friends box on anyones blogs for me.

I also can't click on the "follow" button on anyone elses blogs. Grrrr.

Anyone else having this issue too?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Back..

Hi everyone, I just got home this evening from a trip up to Michigan.  I went to visit my parents, and my grandmother.   Even though I was just there not less than 2 months ago; and wasn't planning on going again until July sometime; my sweet gramma has suffered a 2nd heartattack and I really needed to go see her.

We had such a nice visit.. I combed and cut her hair for her, gave her a manicure and talked for most of the afternoon. I love her so much!!!  I bought her some hydrangeas, and told her since she couldn't go outside, I was brining the outside inside for her to see.

She did seem a bit tired, but, was doing really well.  I hope to see her again in July.. but, if not I'm glad to have been blessed with such a wonderful grandmother of 95 years.  I couldn't of asked for a sweeter grandma, and I am trully lucky to have her.

I love you grandma. Always and forever...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

LOVE LOVE LOVE Renningers!

Mr. Ruffles and I went to Renningers this morning for thier monthly Antiques Extravaganza they have. (It's held the 3rd weekend of every month.)

Got some REALLY great finds this trip.. sooo excited to share with you!

A really beat up trunk, it's the size of a large suitcase, but much sturdier like the big black trunks you see around. I'm pretty tempted to paint this trunk white, but, I really love the red stripes down the middle.

There's also a bookshelf  in the back of the truck I found. Pretty old and beat up, but, in great shape! (Isn't that they way we love 'em though?!) Can't wait to fix 'er up!

Neato wire basket..

The tab says: Kasper Wireworks - Shiner, Texas.
I have no idea how old this wire basket is, if it even is old, but, I love it just the same!
The dealer only had one.. darnit!!

From the website of Kasper Wireworks it says they've been open since 1898.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to find a wire basket from the year they opened? Ahh...

This absolutley GORGEOUS quilt!!

I was pretty excited and even did a little "yippee dance" when I found it!! LOL

Mr. Ruffles said, "Yep, it's confirmed now.. she's lost it!"

And, I found me some RUFFLES!! WOO HOO!!

I just love ruffles, as if you didn't know.. LOL
And  this underslip pettycoat was just full of em!

YAY Renningers! You never disappoint!!

Next month can't come soon enough!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

On a French Roll

Earlier today I made a post about my Puffy Frenchy Royal Frames that I just repainted and repurposed from mirros, and now I'm back to show you the cute little childres French Chair that I just finished too!

This one was kind of a trial and error, with a mix of 3 different colored paints, a rag, sandpaper and my achy breaky back!! LOL  I seriously need to take a day at the pool or the beach again!

Here's the little childrens chair the way I bought it. On the bottom of it was a sticker that said it belonged to a local church.  I can only imagine how many little girls and boys sat on this chair during Sunday School.

I sanded the chair down...

(Heya Emily, did you see what I see in the background?
Noooo, not my truck, silly girl.. hehe! It's "our" dresser!! haha!)

Then "roughly" and "haphazzerdly" (is that a word?!) painted French Blue all over.
Being careful NOT to be too careful and leave some splotches of the wood.

I let the blue paint dry, and finished the puffy frenchy frames I posted about earlier today.

Then, went back out to the garage and again, haphazzerdly, painted on some burnt umber paint.
This time as soon as I put the brown paint on, I wiped it off.

Only doing sections at a time so the brown wouldn't dry too fast.

Then, immediatly after I added the brown paint to the entire chair,
I did the same thing with cream colored paint.

Applying the cream color paint in sections at a time
and wiping off/in as I went.

Took her outside for a good lashing sanding ;)
And here she is!!

From that... to this!

What do ya think?

Now that I've tried it on a small piece, it's a little back breaking,
but, I think I can give myself the "go ahead" on something larger...

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Puffy Frenchy Royal Frames

How else would you describe these 2 picture frames?

As usual, I totally forgot to take the before pictures. Originally they were both dark brown, and had mirrors inside.  I was going to see if I could pop the mirrors out to paint the frames, (which I drybrushed 2 coats of white on) and then replace the mirrors...

Oh yeah right.. sure!! Of course, the mirrors shattered. Not a big grrr.. but, a grrr just the same. I really thought they looked cute with the mirrors inside. Sooo, instead of mirrors I printed off a picture of a crown for each one, on dropcloth fabric, through my printer again.
(Prints from The Graphics Fairy)

I hot glued the cloth to the frames, and then stuffed a little bit of stuffing inside. I cut new cardboard backing and hot glued those to the back of the frames..

They turned out sooo cute!  I hung them both on the tiny wall next to my hutch.
(See 'em on the left?)

(Nice crooked picture dingdong!! LMAO)

(Boy oh boy.. looks like I need a trip to the Chiro for an alignment.. FAST!!)

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

50 Thankyous & Some Thrifty Finds

Yay!! I can't believe I've made 50 individual, creative, inspiring, kind and awesome friends since starting Ruffles ~n~ Raspberries!! I'm so honored that you've all thought my thoughts &  creations were good enough to follow me. 50 thank-yous to each and every one of ya's!!

This past weekend Mr. Ruffles and I went to an antique mall (well, I did, he did some suntanning in the back of the open SUV in the parking lot.. LOL), found some wonderful toile fabric.  4 yards for $20 + 20% off!!

Then we drove up to The Villiages, FL for dinner and some window shopping.  The Villiages is quite a large retirement community of many many houses and golf courses.. but, they also have 2 quaint "downtown" of sorts. I wish I would've taken my camara so I could've shown you, but, I'm sure we'll be back and I promise to remember next time.  There are a few restaurants right along a lake and oodles of unique little shops to browse. Lots of fun!!  If you ever get the chance to visit make sure you do, you won't be disappointed!

We made a pit stop at Fresh Market to get some steaks for grilling on Sunday and Mr. Ruffles got me some fresh peonies:

Aren't they pretty??

And a dozen pink roses!!
I feel so loved! :)

I'm hanging them upside down to dry
so I can use them around the house later.

I found one of my favorite stores just outside of The Villiages.. Tuesday Morning. LOVE this store!! Look at what I found!  (The pink rose frame was from a thrift store I went to a day or so before.)

The mason jars already had the wire wrapped around them -- perfect for hanging.  I'm going to put some candles inside and hang them inside the lanai for some fabulous ambient lighting at night. (They were $3.99 each, I got 4)

Some rub on appliques and a ball of yarn to hang the mason jars with.
(The appliques were only .99 cents for all 3)

And look at this AWESOME find! This is a favorite of mine! I only wish they would've printed an older date like 1800 or something, but, I love this "tray" just the same.  It's on our coffee table now. ($34.99)

As I mentioned previously, I went to a thrift store a few days ago and found these wonderful little treasures!
Can't wait to get started! (Well, I actually did get started on the babydoll bed I found.. then, remembered to take a before picture!! LOL)

Found this chair.. guess how much it cost me?


All in all I had a wonderful weekend of thrifty shopping with Mr. Ruffles.
He said, "I've had enough for awhile now..."
(What he doesn't know is he's going to Renningers with me on Saturday too!! hahaha!!)

What did you do this past weekend?

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