Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Back..

Hi everyone, I just got home this evening from a trip up to Michigan.  I went to visit my parents, and my grandmother.   Even though I was just there not less than 2 months ago; and wasn't planning on going again until July sometime; my sweet gramma has suffered a 2nd heartattack and I really needed to go see her.

We had such a nice visit.. I combed and cut her hair for her, gave her a manicure and talked for most of the afternoon. I love her so much!!!  I bought her some hydrangeas, and told her since she couldn't go outside, I was brining the outside inside for her to see.

She did seem a bit tired, but, was doing really well.  I hope to see her again in July.. but, if not I'm glad to have been blessed with such a wonderful grandmother of 95 years.  I couldn't of asked for a sweeter grandma, and I am trully lucky to have her.

I love you grandma. Always and forever...


  1. How sweet, so glad granny is doing well, she sure must have lived right to survive 2 heart attacks at 95. You did the right thing! Have fun in Daytona!


  2. Thanks so much Carol. I hope she lives past 100!
    Hope all is well with you?


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