Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daytona Weekend

Good morning friends!

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend... I sure did! Mr. Ruffles and I went to Daytona Beach.

We were only there for 1 night (would've loved to stay longer, but, duty calls on Tuesday morning!)

We stayed at the Hilton, on the beach, right next to the pier..

And got a "Terrace" room on the 7th floor. What a view!!

I had a great time.. warm water - warm weather - gorgeous views - sun - sand and great company!!

I also, couldn't help scanning Craigslist Friday evening before we left..

I found this beautiful 1 piece hutch for sale
and picked her up yesterday before leaving Daytona for home:

I have SOOO many unfinished projects in the garage
we are running out of room.

I promised Mr. Ruffles I wouldn't buy any more
furniture until I get some totally completed...

Hopefully I don't go into thrifting withdrawals!!

I also wanted to give a great big welcome and hello to my new friends here on Blogger and Facebook:


It's so nice to meet new friends, and have ALL my friends back on Blogger!!


*Edit: (4:44 pm) Keeping with my true self and my many many unfinished projects, I decided today was a great day to start on the hutch.. lol I have her sanded down... I would post a "ta-do" list; but, then you'd know exactly how many unfinished projects I really have in my garage.  I don't think Blogger has enough "storage" to hold that list... I know my garage is screaming for an escape!! LOL


  1. What a fun trip! Beautiful beach photos. And then to find that gorgeous hutch! Lovely.

  2. What a fun weekend, I always forget that we don't have to go far to be in another world. Good luck with your thrifting withdrawals


  3. Thanks Tammy and Carol, I did have a great time. And, Carol, you're right. Since we moved to the Mt. Dora area it only took us about an hour to get to Daytona (a little less!).

    I just know that since I made a promise, the SECOND I walk into a thrift shop there will be the "piece de la resistance" I can't buy.. ARGH!! LOL!!

  4. I grew up in central Florida and spent many wonderful days in Daytona Beach. Every spring break was spent there and everyone would ride up and down the beach and park in the sand. It was always fun to watch the cars that were left there floating away at high tide. Love the hutch and it will be wonderful painted.

  5. This looks like BIG fun! Love your souvenir photos. Good luck with your projects!

  6. That looks like a lot of fun - the sky and the ocean just look wonderful!
    Looking forward to seeing the end results to your projects,

  7. Hiya JAcqueline and Kathy! I'm looking forward to finishing my projects too! There's just SO many of them 1/2 done in the garage. LOL Each day I think I'm going to get another one finished.... then, it either gets too hot (it's been 93-95 here) or my attention goes to another..

    I have the 2nd coat of paint on my new hutch, and only have to re-apholster a new chair I bought and I'm ready to post those!! Can't wait to show ya's :)

    Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone is having an awesome Tuesday!!


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