Friday, May 27, 2011

My Missing Friends...

Argh!! Sooo frustrated with Blogger!

First I couldn't post anything.. anywhere.. and now

I've lost all my friends.  All 56 of you aren't showing up on my sidebar.

No one is showing up in the google friends box on anyones blogs for me.

I also can't click on the "follow" button on anyone elses blogs. Grrrr.

Anyone else having this issue too?


  1. Yes, and it's driving me crazy! I've had so many nice compliments and people who want to follow, but can't, and I can't follow the blogs I want. Frustrating! Love your blog. Thanks for visiting me and leaving such a nice compliment.

  2. Hi Rosemary! Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one... I'm having to bookmark blogs in my favorites until the follow thing works again. Grrr.. LOL

    I love YOUR blog! You find the most AWESOME pieces, I am sooo jealous! Wanna share where you are finding such gorgeous things? I wish I lived closer to you - you'd make me go broke.. REAL FAST! LOL

  3. I am having the sam problem too...hopefully they will fix it soon. Now cross your fingers and hope that I can post this


  4. LOL No kidding! I think the same thing every time I hit Post Comment. Sheesh!

  5. Me too Tynk! I hope my friends come back....
    Testing...will this work????

  6. Hi KarenSue :) Well, I see your post, but, not your profile pic.. lol!

  7. Tynk, I went to blogger help and many people are having the problem. Some people are able to see followers on the same blogs that other people cannot. I tried with Firefox and Safari, and no luck. Some people have cleared their cookies and they came back. Mine have been gone for a day. Two things you should know. You can leave a comment on any blogs that allow anonymous comments, then just put who you are. Also you can still follow anyones blog by using the follow button at the very, very, top of everyones blog. Lets hope they fix it soon!


  8. Thanks for letting me know, Carol. I didn't even notice that follow button up there before.

    Now, I'm having issues posting.. soooo annoying!!


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