Tuesday, May 17, 2011

50 Thankyous & Some Thrifty Finds

Yay!! I can't believe I've made 50 individual, creative, inspiring, kind and awesome friends since starting Ruffles ~n~ Raspberries!! I'm so honored that you've all thought my thoughts &  creations were good enough to follow me. 50 thank-yous to each and every one of ya's!!

This past weekend Mr. Ruffles and I went to an antique mall (well, I did, he did some suntanning in the back of the open SUV in the parking lot.. LOL), found some wonderful toile fabric.  4 yards for $20 + 20% off!!

Then we drove up to The Villiages, FL for dinner and some window shopping.  The Villiages is quite a large retirement community of many many houses and golf courses.. but, they also have 2 quaint "downtown" of sorts. I wish I would've taken my camara so I could've shown you, but, I'm sure we'll be back and I promise to remember next time.  There are a few restaurants right along a lake and oodles of unique little shops to browse. Lots of fun!!  If you ever get the chance to visit make sure you do, you won't be disappointed!

We made a pit stop at Fresh Market to get some steaks for grilling on Sunday and Mr. Ruffles got me some fresh peonies:

Aren't they pretty??

And a dozen pink roses!!
I feel so loved! :)

I'm hanging them upside down to dry
so I can use them around the house later.

I found one of my favorite stores just outside of The Villiages.. Tuesday Morning. LOVE this store!! Look at what I found!  (The pink rose frame was from a thrift store I went to a day or so before.)

The mason jars already had the wire wrapped around them -- perfect for hanging.  I'm going to put some candles inside and hang them inside the lanai for some fabulous ambient lighting at night. (They were $3.99 each, I got 4)

Some rub on appliques and a ball of yarn to hang the mason jars with.
(The appliques were only .99 cents for all 3)

And look at this AWESOME find! This is a favorite of mine! I only wish they would've printed an older date like 1800 or something, but, I love this "tray" just the same.  It's on our coffee table now. ($34.99)

As I mentioned previously, I went to a thrift store a few days ago and found these wonderful little treasures!
Can't wait to get started! (Well, I actually did get started on the babydoll bed I found.. then, remembered to take a before picture!! LOL)

Found this chair.. guess how much it cost me?


All in all I had a wonderful weekend of thrifty shopping with Mr. Ruffles.
He said, "I've had enough for awhile now..."
(What he doesn't know is he's going to Renningers with me on Saturday too!! hahaha!!)

What did you do this past weekend?

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  1. Looks like a great day! I love Peonies, too! They are gorgeous. That tray is awesome! Great finds!
    :) ~Michelle

  2. It was, one of the best :) love thriftin' antiquin' and Mr. Ruffles!

  3. I am headed to the Villages tomorrow to visit my aunt and uncle, I have been there many times, it does have the cutest downtown shops. Next visit I am going to Wildwood, it is close to the villages and has some great antique shops and restaurants.


  4. The fabric is loverly. Can't wait to see what you do with it!


  5. Looks like you'll be making the same "circle" of shopping I did, Carol :) Have fun!!

    Thanks Emily, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it.. but, the price couldn't be beat!!

  6. My folks have a place in The Villages, but I've never made it to Renningers. This winter we did go to Micanopy. That's a fun place to visit.

  7. The dresser is all done! Check it out when you get a chance!

    And I'm an impatient furniture refurbisher because I didn't really sand the paint off that much and I didn't do any stripping either. I think yours is going to be in MUCH better shape from the get go! :)


  8. Hi Grammy! I never have made it to Micanopy, I just went to thier website, and I can feel another road trip comin' Mr. Ruffles way!! hehehe! It looks like LOADS of fun, thanks!

    Emily, holy camoli woman! Even if you didn't strip, etc. I can't believe you're done! I'm heading over now to peek...

  9. Did ya see the ball of yarn, Caroline? I thought of you as soon as I saw it and knew I just had to grab it.. hehe!

  10. Hi Sherri! I have found you and would love to see you guys again. It was such a pleasure meeting you at Hard Rock this past Thursday.


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