Friday, May 27, 2011

Pillow and Thrifting Finds...

Waiting for the paint to dry.. no, really.. I am!  LOL

Thought I'd make a cute little pillow and show you some thrifty finds.

For the pillow, I used bleached dropcloth, blue ticking and a shabby chic rose print heart.

Layered... Simple.. Sweet...

Yep, that's my messy craft/sewing desk you see too.. lucky ducks you!


I found a really curvy coffee table when I was out thrifting.

A really neat childrens rocking chair:

Look at the rocker part.. sheesh.. she's got skiis I tell ya.. skiis!!!

I'm having a slight arguement with "Auntie Flo" today and I don't feel like doing much of anything today, so the stuff stays in the truck for Mr. Ruffles to get out!!  LOL


I ordered the cutest EVER pink rainboots from Target the other day.

Online, they were clearanced to only $7!

Thought I'd tease ya'll a lill bit too.

This is 1 of the drawers to that yummy green dresser I showed you the other day shown HERE.

That's all.. just a peek.. I told ya'll.. I'm waiting for the paint to dry!! ;-)

I picked this 9 drawer beauty up last week from Craigslist.

I'm pretty sure she's going in our bedroom:

Which is a disaster right now, but, wait till you see the after!!!

Even with the mess in there.. bedside tables, painters tape, a step ladder...

The unmaid bed still looks pretty inviting to me right now!!

Yep... I think Aunt Flo is winning the arguement right now... ugh!!

~ Hope ya'll have an AWESOME Memorial Day weekend ~


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  1. What wonderful finds...but the pink boots are the best...must get my self some of those lol


    There's the link for the boots at

    Now, they're just over $8. Weird how the price fluxuates so much..

  3. Ohh Tynk, You got some good stuff! Do you go to thrift stores in Orlando?
    You pillow is so cute. You do the things I want to get done!
    My friends are missing also! What do we do?

  4. I love the pink boots! Can't wait to see the dresser done. have a great weekend!


  5. pink books are swesome. cant wait to see the rest!!! love it :)

  6. That pillow is too cute! And I think we're French furniture twins. I got that same coffee table a month ago!

    And thanks so much for the thoughtful comments. I try to spend Annie's naptimes and after bedtime to get stuff done, but sometimes think I should be working on projects on the weekends too. But you're absolutely right. I prefer to spend that time with family as well. Even if it means sitting around watching a movie together. It's always good to get a break!

    Thanks again :). Have a great weekend!


  7. You scored some beautiful finds!
    All my friends are missing too but at least I can leave comments now :)

  8. Sue: Yes, well.. not really Orlando. I go to the thrifts more near me - in Mt. Dora and surrounding little towns.

    Emily: LOL I think we are too! Well, at least we have the same great taste!! It's always good to take family time, but, in my opinion, it's just as important to take time for yourself too.

    Thanks everyone!! Hope you're having a great long weekend!!


  9. Hi there~ Love your finds- and those boots are so darling! Excited to see your dresser when it's all finished! Thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  10. Happy Pink Saturday, Tynk. I am so glad you joined us today, and I hope you will continue.

    Your Aunt Flo visit reminds me of how glad my days with Aunt Flo have passed.

    You found great treasures. I can hardly wait to see more.

  11. LOL Beverly!! I can't wait!!

    Thanks Courtney, now I'm just waiting for it to rain so I can wear em!! :)


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