Friday, May 6, 2011

The Twins and The Sister

TGIF friends!! Finally, right? I am taking a small break from laundry and packing, we're leaving for West Palm Beach Antique Festival as soon as Mr. Ruffles gets home from work. Yippee!! I'm pretty excited to go, can't wait till tomorrow morning!! I have my camara packed and ready to go, too.. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures to share with ya'll.

I have been working on my dining room table/chair set all week, but, I've also been busy on "The Twins" and The Sister. Who are the twins and the sister? Here they are.. in all their thrift store glory:

The Twins:

Mmmmmm... purple corduroy... yummy!!!

And, "The Sister"

Obviously, all 3 were in dire need of a makeover!!

First, "The Twins":

And, now.. "The Sister":

I painted and shabbied The Sister in a mixture of white and a minty green sort of color..

That's one of my ironstone pictures and bowls sitting on the Sister.

Lovin' the spindles
(After they've been painted.. definately NOT during!! haha)

Ahhh... MUCH better!!

I've also been busy making a few more pillows for our couch and loveseat.
I used drop cloth that I washed and dryed 2x for softness and printed out some graphics from The Graphics Fairy again, and tied black ribbons on the side.

And, made these 2 little pillows with leftover "oopsie" fabric pieces I had.
I stenciled and painted the fleur on both of them, too.

Gotta love ruffles!!

And, last, but, not least.. I just couldn't wait to go to the Antique Festival tomorrow.. I jumped in the truck and went thrifting for a bit. Man o man, did I score!! Yay!!

First up.. remember the old victorian garden chair I picked up at Renningers for $10?
 I did some research on it and found another one for sale online for almost $300. Today, I stopped at the antique mall in Mt. Dora and found this one, just like the other one, but in MUCH better shape and painted white.

This one is going inside the house for me!

Stopped at a Thrift store on the way home and picked up this wire basket along with 6 linen napkins and 6 linen placemats.. all matching, embroidered and gorgeous for only $4!!

Last, but, not least.. ya still with me?? hehe, I know.. it's a long one, but, sooo worth it in the end, I promise!!
I went to my 2nd favorite thrift store and picked up this beauty for guess how much?

It was marked $70... but, marked down 50%!!!

The mirror came with it!

I've had my eye on this dresser/mirror set for a couple of weeks, so I was beyond thrilled that no one had picked it up yet.. AND it was marked down to 50%!  The shop owner asked, "You gonna shabby it up?" LOL But, of course!! As I was leaving he says, "See ya next week!" Ahh.. just love it meeting new people, they remember who you are the next time, and look forward to seeing you again.

Hope to be able to score just as well tomorrow!

Have a fabulous weekend ya'll, and Happy Mothers Day!!

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  1. Great stuff!
    The chairs turned out really cute!
    Purple corduroy.......really? Where did THAT come from!!? Ha

  2. Haha.. ya think?!!! Shocked it wasn't orange. LOL

  3. Haha it IS the same dresser! But you got the better deal, we paid about the same price but mine didn't have the mirror with it anymore. Oh well! Is the top of yours laminate? Have you decided what to do with it?

    And I love the twin chairs. A lot of people wouldn't look twice at how they looked before, but after the makeover I think everyone would want them!

  4. Love the finish on your chairs!

    :D Lynda

  5. Wow Sherry, you get so much accomplished! The chairs turned out just perfect. Don't you love it when that happens?! What a terrific deal on the dresser. I can't wait to see it finished. I just adore every pillow you make. So, so pretty. I love The Graphics Fairy.

    I so want to meet you. I know we'd have a ball! We do seem to be a lot alike.

    Your trip to St. Augustine sounds so fun. Just like you. The keys moving, that would've scared the poop out of me. I don't know how you slept. You absolutely don't sound like a dork and if you're one then so am I. ha-ha.

    I hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend and enjoy Mother's Day.
    Hugs...Tracy :)

  6. I love all your goodies--that dresser has awesome potential! What is it about chairs we so love to take home with us? You have a good eye for "rehab".

  7. Thanks so much everyone :) I love reading your comments, and appreciate each of you stopping over to see what I've done!

    Tracy, we should really try to make that happen, I know we'd have an AWESOME time!! The key indident did bring tears to my eyes and I couldn't sleep for the longest time!! haha (I can't wait to go back!!)

    Emily.. not sure exactly what I'll do with her, but, I'm positive she has a white future ahead!
    No, the top isn't laminate.. the whole thing is wood. I'm pretty excited to get started and finish her, but, I have SOOOO many projects that are 1/2 finished, I really should get those done first.. LOL (Mr. Ruffles isn't too happy that there isn't room in our 2 stall garage for a car.. haha.. oh well!! I just tell him you can't stunt my creativity with a silly car in my way!)

  8. OMGoodness...when I saw that dresser in my head I screamed SCORE!! WoW...awesome..can't wait to see what you do with her!

  9. LOL That's EXACTLY what I said in my head too! I couldn't believe it when I saw the paper taped to the side saying 50% off.. WOO HOO! :)

  10. Those chairs are just too cute. Love 'the sister' one. :)

  11. Just LOVE those pillows! And what finds! I'd have nabbed that dresser/mirror combo in a nanosecond. Stopping by from French Cupboard.


  12. Thanks so much for stopping by Joyce and Kathleen :) Hope you're both enjoying the weekend?


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