Saturday, April 16, 2011

Framed Key Wall

I can't believe it's still morning (well, for another 1/2 an hour) and I already checked and answered emails, went out for breakfast, made a pit stop at Lowes.. browsed at Renningers Antique Market.. and took some pictures to share with ya'll! Good start to the day - but, I do see a nap in my near future.. hehe..

I wanted to share with you 2 walls I completed (well, I guess nothing is EVER "complete")..

On one wall I had Mr. Ruffles hand my shelf from Home Goods I repainted white, of course. And added my $7 clearance mirror from Tuesday morning:

On the shelf I added some cream colored roses and glass jars.

On the wall next to this one I took some "goodwill"/"garage sale" frames, spraypainted them white, matted them with drop cloth fabric and hot glued a few of my keys to the middles.. it turned out sooo cute!!

So, now, of course, I am on the hunt for more keys and frames!
I would love to add more like this to the wall.

What do ya think?

I mentioned that I stopped at Renningers this morning too.
I found a couple of great things I'm pretty excited about!

A tattered chair I'll be placing a plant on and putting inside the little garden area we now have just outside the dinnette area, and an old rusty clam basket.. yippee!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them both!!

Thinking I should move the chair over.. just a bit.. and hide that electrical box!

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  1. Tynk, I have not been out to Renningers for a long time, if I lived closer like you I would be there all of the time. I love the key idea, I am going to have to make some up for my booth.....fabulous idea!! This is why I read blogs for great inspiration!


  2. very cute key art. Looks like you painted one of the keys white too. love that!! (that's coming from a gal who loves rust!!)

    off to see more of your blog.
    barbara jean

    came over from Donna's funky junk

  3. Carol, on the 3rd weekend of every month, Renningers has a bigger "set up" than the other weekends of the month.. I go to each one. Yesterday was awesome, since alot of vendors were selling at much cheaper prices than usual. Not exactly sure why, a couple of booths did say they were closing up shop.. for the season. Since when did antiquing have a season? LOL!

    Barbara Jean, thanks for stopping by! I actually didn't spray paint the bigger key. I bought it that way from Jo Ann Fabrics at 50% off. I think I only paid $3. I bought some rusty looking keys on a ring the same size from Hobby Lobby a month or so ago when they had all metal 50% off. LOVE some old, or old looking keys!!

  4. I love the keys. Its always nice to see something in a frame besides a picture....I also love that little heart shaped chair. I saw one similar at an antique store, and it was almost $300 , they are supposed to be valuable. I dunt know alot about wicker so.........thanks for stopping by my little blog. We arent that far from each other ya know..........Bonnie

  5. Really?! Guess how much I paid? The sign on the chair said $12.. I paid $10! Yippee!! She might have to come inside if I can figure out it's worth what you say?

    I did see where you were from, maybe we'll have to get together sometime ;)

  6. Well, I glanced around using the key words: vintage wicker chair, heart shaped back. I found it! Mine doesn't have the little center top like the one on this site, but, I'm thrilled just the same!! Thanks for posting that Bonnie :)
    They are selling thiers for $285

  7. Oh, Oh, Oh...I have 3 of those chairs...a find thru craigslist!!! I absolutely love mine!


  8. Wow! You are one lucky girl!!! 3 of them! The jealousy is overwhelming! LOL


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