Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Princess Aubrey is Here!

I really wanted to share with you
my excitement of the day..

I'm a Grandma x2 as of 10am this morning!!

I am proud and pleased to introduce you all
to my brand new baby granddaughter..

Princess Aubrey!

Mom and baby are doing great.

I get to travel to Michigan this weekend
to finally meet her..

and hug her..

and kiss her..

and spoil her..

I can't wait!!

Let the pink and ruffly
shopping begin, hehe!!

~ Sherri ~

Antique Buffet Before ~n~ After

A few days ago I showed you the
antique buffet I bought from a local
antique store...

I was so excited to get started transforming
her over to shabby goodness, I could barely
contain myself.. LOL

Here is the before picture:

Gorgeous, right?!

Well, wait till you see what
magical white paint can do!

We added a shelf to the bottom
so I can display my vintage
(and new) quilts.

I can't wait to go hunting for more
and fill it up!

I just love the antique mirror
that came with the buffet.

It's aged so beautifully!

It was pretty tough getting sandpaper
inbetween all those curves..
but, SO worth it!!

LOVE the key holes on the drawers!

From that..    To this!


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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Antique Buffet

Happy April Friends!

March was a great month for me..not only because I sold quite a bit in my booth at Traditions Antique Mall.. but, I received a phone call from a wonderful Lady who called to let me know she bought the antique vanity I had in my booth.

She was soooo sweet and encouraging, it was a such a nice thing for her to call me and let me know just how much she loved it.

That phone call made my week.. heck.. my entire month!

I'm so happy that there are other Shabby Chic lovers  out there,
and even better, like what I do! :-)

Thank you so much
to each and every one
of you who have encouraged
me along the way.

I am loving every minute of what I do,
and am so lucky to be able to share with others.


Yesterday I went out to the
Webster Flea Market to do
a little "shopping".. I didn't find much..

So, off I went to various thrift stores
and antique mall driving the hour + ride home.

I didn't have the greatest of luck,
until I arrived at the last antique mall of my day.

I shopped around for a bit, weaving up and down the isles..
then.. this.. in the WAY back.. there she was...

(Can you hear the angels singing - like I did?)

(Picture taken with my phone
inside the antique mall)

Standing all glorious and beautiful
like she was just begging me to take
her home.. so, that's just what I did!

Here she is in my garage.. YAY!
I took the drawers and the
fabulous patina'd antique mirror out..
(You'll have to wait until
it's all done to see the mirror.. sorry!)

As soon as I got her home, I couldn't
wait to start painting!!

Sneek peeks!

As soon as she's done
I promise to come back
and show ya'll!

~ Sherri ~

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