Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sewing Machine Table

I found this sewing machine table
while out thrifting a few weeks ago:

Old, crusty & rusty
with some sort of pressboard
wanna be "marble" top.

My white paint was just itchin
to make my heart sing once again..

And, of course, it didn't disappoint!

Mr. R screwed a wooden tray
I had painted white to the top.

I lined the tray with some really
pretty wallpaper I have at home.

I just love it in our dining room.
Sooo much prettier!

~ Sherri ~

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Mr. Ruffles is away working this weekend,
so I took the opportunity to do some shopping.

I stopped at my favorite fabric store
and found this wonderful
Cabbage and Roses fabric..

It's SOOO pretty!!

Can't wait to get started on a project with this:

I bought this cutey patuty bear from Pop Vintage
a local store in Clermont, FL, a few months ago..

When I picked the bear up
to purchase, it had a cute lill tutu on it.
Chris, the owner, said it didn't go
with the bear.. but, I bought the bear
anyway, thinking I'd sew one up, no problem.

Well, I never got around to it..
but, guess what I found in a thrift store
the other day!!

A white tutu!

After I bought the bear and brought
it home, I took a peek at the tag
to see what it's name was.

Much to my suprize.. the bear
isn't a she.. he's a "Bradley"!!

Isn't Bradley so cute with a
new tutu and a rhinestone crown?!

At the same store I found these stunning
size 8 little girl dresses..

So pretty

The lady I bought them from asked if someone
was getting married, I said, "Nope, but, these will
look great as a backdrop in my booth"!

I'll be bringing them up to RnR
next week to hang them up.
Promise to take pictures!

(Can't wait to show ya'll  what I've been working on..
I hope to have them up in my booth by Wednesday..
It's taken awhile to complete this project,
considering it's so flippen hot outside I can't last 
more than an hour at a time without sweating to death.. LOL )

My last stop of the day was at an
antique mall here in Mt. Dora, FL.

I had a grea time looking for treasures
but, never really found anything
in my price range that sparked my interest..

until.. I was ready to get my purse out of
the locker, I looked down and there was this
old record cabinet!


I just love the antique mirror on the top.
Beveled and in tact!!

All in all quite a day of shopping..
Thanks Mr. R!!

~ Sherri ~

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Catching Up With You..

I apologize.. I've been MIA.
I've let my blog sit silent
for quite some time..

No excuses.  Just an apology.

I'm sorry.

Despite the heat this summer,
I have been staying quite busy
painting, sewing, creating, thrifting
traveling further south, visiting
antique shops...

And, yes, I found some time
to lounge by the pool and get
a great suntan going..

I just LOVE summertime in Florida!

Now, on to what I've been up to
the last few weeks.. yay!  I'm so
excited to share some pictures
you again...

I aquired these gorgeous chandeliers

This baby is HUGE!!

Here is the second one
a bit smaller, just a bit,
but, just as beautiful.

I spent 2 days, 11 hours each day
cleaning, buffing and putting back together
the smaller of the two.. but, WOW!

Look at her shine!

Sooo pretty!

When the lights from the bulbs
shine on the prisms, it sparkles
in rainbow colors.

She's a gasper for sure!


I also wanted to share some
pictures of my booth I took yesterday,
which include some of my recent projects:

I found this candlabra
in an antique shop
near Jacksonville, FL.

Yep, it's black.. so far outta my element,
so, I added some real dried roses to it.
To make it a bit more romantic.

The hangers are all vintage
wooden hangers.  I added lace,
florals, pearls and buttons.
Soo cute for your extra special
pretty dresses to hang on now.

I had an old wood bread box
I found at a thrift store.

I painted it white, and then handpainted
the words, " Konigin der Kuche"
which means: "Queen of the Kitchen"

Love it!

These glass canisters had wooden tops too.
Yep, you guessed it!
They got the white paint treatment too.. haha!

Quick shot of the chandy
I mentioned previously..
Now hanging in all her glory
in my booth.

I finally got around to making a sign
for my booth too.

I just love how it turned out!

I painted and shabbied up an old board.
Painted the words,
"Ruffles n Raspberries"
in a raspberry color, of course.

And then hot glued ruffles around the edges.

Believe it or not,
I tried my hand at painting
with a darker grey color.

It was a bit difficult, suprizingly enough,
to see to paint, but, I do love how it turned out.

3 coats of grey, shabbied up a bit,
and sealed with clear wax.

I'm not so sure I'll venture that
far out from white again,
but, it was sure fun to try!

Pillows I made.
Some frenchy.. some ruffly..

I just finished up the memo board
you see hanging in the picture below.

It's a big one too.
2 x 3 feet!

I painted the frame,
backed it with thick poster board
and cork board, then wrapped it
in drop cloth.

I embellished it with vintage doilies,
sparkly butterfly clips
and wooden push pins.

And, finally, a picture of my entire booth
at Traditions Antique Mall
in Wildwood Florida.

I hope ya'll can make it
to visit me sometime!

~ Sherri ~

PS.. I just had to share this
hilarious picture of
my granddaughter, Aubrey.

I'm leaving for a week in August
to visit with my grandkids, James and Aubrey.

I can't wait to see them both again!
I'll be sure to take lots and lots of pictures..

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