Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Radio Cabinet ReDo

I found this radio cabinet at the antique mall
where I have my booth:

Poor thing!! LOL

So, of course,
I just had to take her home
and give her a makeover..

Here she is all painted white..

And, here she is all
shabby'd up and gorgeous!!

I lined the inside with some
pretty Shabby Chic brand fabric..

From that...     to this!!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Pink n White Bookcase

I took a break from the dresser
I posted about a few days ago..

She's really taking a long time,
and I tend to have a zillion and one
projects going on at the same time
anyway... so..
another one couldn't hurt, eh?

It's a bookcase.. and she's a heavy one!

I wanted to try something
a bit different, so, I painted the back pink
and the rest of it my favorite.. white!

Yeah, it has a hole in it..
I left it there, in case someone
wanted to take the top shelf out
and use it as a TV stand.

The roses are actually a handle
from a silver platter I picked up
awhile ago.

I gorilla glued it on to the top.
gave a quick coat of spray primer
and then painted overtop of that.

All waxed and shabby'd up..

I decided to distress this one
quite a bit, so, it wouldn't look
SO little girly, and maybe something
you'd find tucked away in the
back corner of the basement..

Or my garage! LOL

I just love how it turned out!!


From that...    to this!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Happy Monday everyone!
(Is that even possible?)

Well, it is when I finished my
Pretty in Pink Desk!

Here is the only before I have
of the desk.. sorry 'bout that..

It was the typical cream and gold blah color.

And now...

~ Pretty in Pink ~

Ever so lightly distressed..

So adorable!

She's going to my booth tomorrow
for only $95.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

My New Chandy!

I've been searching high and low
for just the right chandelier..

There are alot of chandeliers in
antique stores I really would like,
but, being that I have no idea what
I'm doing when it comes to electrical things,
I figured it best I buy a new one..

I finally found one at ... guess where..

Lowes! Only $129.. yippee!

Here's a picture of it on the box:

But.. it was a dark copper/brown color..
You just know that had to go!

So.. out comes my paint brush..

I took it apart section by section,
and painted it by hand..

Then, put it all back together, again,
section by section..

Here are the afters:

Oh yeah.. didn't I tell ya?
I painted my black dinette set too!

I just LOVE it white.

I'll be changing out the chair pads,
just waiting for that gorgeous
Cabbage and Roses fabric to
arrive in the States, can't wait!


Sneak Peek ~n~ Shell Wreath

Is it September already?!

I know alot of my northern friends back home
have said that the temps have dropped as low
as the 40's! Oh my word, my hips would FREEZE,
and I wouldn't be able to walk! LOL

I don't know how I ever did when I lived there, but,
I sure count my blessings we moved to Florida.

I just love it here! And, it's finally cooled off to the 80's
so I can paint in the morning again.. yippee!!

I've been working on a dresser, desk and a coffee table.

I'll show you the befores, and a couple progress shots..
but, that's it until I'm done! ;-)

Dresser Before

(Emily: Remember this one? I'm finally getting around to it!)

Lots of stripping and sanding
to get this lovely shade of pea green off!

Desk before

See that gorgeous sticky liner
in the drawers? ARGH!! Yuck!!

Painting the drawers in my kitchen.

Can't wait to show you the after!!


I made a heart shaped shell wreath
tonight too.. I just love it!

I'm not sure if I'll bring it
to my booth yet, or keep this one.

It does look pretty cute on my door!

Stay tuned, I'm making another post
right after this one..

I "redid" a chandy too!


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