Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Radio Cabinet ReDo

I found this radio cabinet at the antique mall
where I have my booth:

Poor thing!! LOL

So, of course,
I just had to take her home
and give her a makeover..

Here she is all painted white..

And, here she is all
shabby'd up and gorgeous!!

I lined the inside with some
pretty Shabby Chic brand fabric..

From that...     to this!!

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  1. Hello!!!
    Love the cabinet!!!!
    How are you? I can't wait till we have some cooler weather...It is too hot for me to paint here in Orlando!!!
    Enjoy your day!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  2. Hi Suzann!! I'm great, and you?! Hope all is well my friend :-)
    I'm really only able to paint in the morning time, by noon it's much to hot to paint and I switch to inside stuff. LOL
    Thanks for comin' by, and glad to hear you like my lill cabinet! She was really fun to paint.

  3. Brilliant! How beautiful that turned out! Just look at those details!

  4. Oh my! I love what you did. Not too much shabby just enough..

  5. Thanks so much Ladies!!
    I'll be bringing this one up to my booth tomorrow... reluctantly! LOL

  6. Well, looks like you can jazz anything into pretty...shabby....chic! Great job.

  7. I just became a follower and can't wait to have a moment to go through your archives. Loving all your whites!

  8. Wow...quite a Cinderella moment for that piece! Great job!!

  9. Hey...I looked at that cabinet a few weeks ago and thought how cute it would look painted up...and there you go! I have just too too many projects in the waiting. So glad you were able to give it it's new life. See you soon.

  10. Beautiful!!
    So much prettier all white and shabbied up.

    barbara jean

  11. Hello!
    This is awesome! you did a great job!

    Laura =)

  12. Thanks so much everyone! This was for sure one of my favorites!!

    Welcome to my blog Passionate for White, I'll have to jump over and see your blog too!

    Thanks again everyone, so sorry I haven't replied sooner, I just returned from a week long trip visiting family (and a bit of thrifting and antiquing.. lol) in Michigan. I'll be posting pictures really soon!!



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