Friday, October 14, 2011

Trip to Michigan & Shabby Side Table

Hi ya'll! It's been a bit since I've posted
anything on my blog, and I apologize for that!
We've just been SO busy around here.. it's nuts.

Last week I took a trip up to Michigan to visit
family again... I'm so happy that we took our trip
when we did since the weather the week before
was in the 50's and lower, and the week after was
the same. The week we went.... 80's!! Yippee!!
(Except for the fact that I packed all winter clothes.. LOL)

I had a great time, I visited my grandma who turned 96
on September 10th.  She had so many stories to tell me
of "yester-year"... I just love listening to each and every
one of them and daydreaming of a simpler life... Ahh..

I also visited my 3 year old grandson James.  We went
swimming in the hotel, did some shopping, and visited
Warmbler Farms twice.  The "farms" were all decorated
up for Halloween and had many different activities for
the kids to do.. the day we went was "grossology".. yeah!
We made slime!! haha!

James got a ride when we were there too:
He's in the last cow cart..

Here's a pic of my silly grandson
in his Pumpkin Shades:

And, another one of him with
the lizards we bought..
he cracks me up.. so funny!!

My parents, my son Anthony and I also
went on a color tour north of the
Muskegon area in Michigan.

Most of the leaves hadn't changed yet,
but, some had and it was beautiful regardless.

We stopped at an apple orchard along the way.
My dad and my son went on a tractor ride
and picked a 1/2 bushel of apples..

Gee, Dad.. ya might wanna smile
when the camaras a snappin!! LOL

I just adore this picture, above,  I took..

Me and Anthony sitting in the HUGE
adirondack chair!

It was a long week away from home,
I loved every minute.. but,
I'm so happy to be sleeping
in my own bed again!


The weather is soo beautiful
outside here in  Florida, it was
great to feel the sun and
warm breezes in the air today..
Here's a little side table
I completed this afternoon outside:


I copied this image from The Graphics Fairy
and modpodged it on the top,
after painting it a pretty cream color.

There was also a matching strip
of these roses, so I copied a few
of those off and mod podged that to
the sides as well.

Here's the top after I sanded it down some:

And, here she is all done!


I hope you've all enjoyed your week,
I'm sooo happy it's the weekend
and I'm home :-)

Sherri (aka Tynk!)

Linking up at: The Graphics Fairy


  1. Glad you enjoyed the North! I wish I could go back just to pick the apples! I remember when I was teaching in a little town outside of Oswego, NY and I would stop every week during the Fall at this little roadside stand to get my bag of apples for the week. Miss it. But, I love the warmth of Florida...spoiled! Love your table...I have been crazy busy, too, and I am headed out of town to Newport, Rhode Island...looking forward to it. See you soon...and thanks again for the shout-out on facebook!

  2. Hi, I don't think I have visited for awhile! Sounds like a great trip, I think it is still tooo hot! I want 70's I love your table! Did you say you have a booth out in Wildwood, I am headed out there next week, and would not want to miss your booth. My aunt and uncle live in the Villages and we are going with them


  3. Hi Carol, do you like the weather better the last couple of days? In the morning I'm freezing! You'd never guess I'm from Michigan.. LOL Yes, my booth is in Traditions Antique Mall, same mall where Denise is. When you walk in.. look up towards the left, you'll see the lights.. that's mine :) Hope you like it!

    Hi Denise! Yep, nothing beats a fresh picked Michigan apple right off the tree. Have fun and safe travels to you!

  4. What a fun trip! Your grandson is a cutie, I don't have any yet. We should be getting cooler weather next week. I have not been to your shop yet, but I will. I have a booth at Art Angels in Orlando and am having a ball with my partner/long time friend.
    Hope to meet you soon~Sue


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