Saturday, May 21, 2011

LOVE LOVE LOVE Renningers!

Mr. Ruffles and I went to Renningers this morning for thier monthly Antiques Extravaganza they have. (It's held the 3rd weekend of every month.)

Got some REALLY great finds this trip.. sooo excited to share with you!

A really beat up trunk, it's the size of a large suitcase, but much sturdier like the big black trunks you see around. I'm pretty tempted to paint this trunk white, but, I really love the red stripes down the middle.

There's also a bookshelf  in the back of the truck I found. Pretty old and beat up, but, in great shape! (Isn't that they way we love 'em though?!) Can't wait to fix 'er up!

Neato wire basket..

The tab says: Kasper Wireworks - Shiner, Texas.
I have no idea how old this wire basket is, if it even is old, but, I love it just the same!
The dealer only had one.. darnit!!

From the website of Kasper Wireworks it says they've been open since 1898.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to find a wire basket from the year they opened? Ahh...

This absolutley GORGEOUS quilt!!

I was pretty excited and even did a little "yippee dance" when I found it!! LOL

Mr. Ruffles said, "Yep, it's confirmed now.. she's lost it!"

And, I found me some RUFFLES!! WOO HOO!!

I just love ruffles, as if you didn't know.. LOL
And  this underslip pettycoat was just full of em!

YAY Renningers! You never disappoint!!

Next month can't come soon enough!

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  1. Oh my, I love what you found! I would have had to bring all that home with me also! You found some very nice things hun:)

  2. Wow, Tynk. I have not been to their monthly fair in a long time. Last time I went there was hardly any vendors. Looks like I should give it another try? Was there a lot of vendors?


  3. Oh I so love going to their extravaganza. I forgot all about it too. I like all your finds, was there lot of ppl?


  4. I forget about Renningers, maybe I should go too. You did really good, I love the basket!
    Enjoy your Sunday~Sue

  5. Since moving from Orlando to NC 12 years ago, I've missed my Renninger's excursions, Mount Dora and the Webster flea mkt. *sigh*
    Love all of your finds!

  6. Two years ago, hubby and I went to their humongo extravaganza that they hold in November. We had no idea it was going to be SO huge! We only allowed one day for it, and it was not enough! I want to go back sometime and plan on spending 2 days in antique/junk heaven! : ) Love the wire basket by the way!

  7. Thanks Ladies.. I had a blast, as I do every time I go. Carol, I would guesstimate about 50 or so vendors. There were only a couple on the hilltop, but, down below where the antique enclosures are there were quite a few.

    Sylvia, we went right when it opened -- I even followed a guy in driving a pickup truck full of stuff. (That's how I got the bookcase!) He unloaded it.. I asked how much.. he told me and I said, "SOLD"!! LOL

    Stephanie, yep, I can't wait until November. I just love the huge 3 day extravaganzas!! Nuttin like it anywhere else! (That I've been to anyway... YET.)

    If you're close to the Mt. Dora area, I would suggest going.. it's great. LOVE Renningers!!

    Hope everyones have a great weekend! I'm on a plane in about an hour headed to Michigan. My grandma survived her 2nd heart attack in only 2/3 months. She's 95. I miss her, and am pretty excited to suprize her with my visit.


  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the quilt you found with all your other goodies!!!
    Maybe next month I will see ya at Rennigers!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  9. Would LOVE to meet you there Suzanne!!

  10. Look at the wonderful treasures you found. I hope you left some for me. I am visiting my girlfriend in June and we are doing the big flea market while I am there. I always find something to treasure for my visit.

  11. Hi Awal.ny.. :) There's always plenty to go around at Renningers.. that's why I love it so much! So much variety and always great finds!

    Have fun on your trip! Be sure to come back and let me know what you found!!



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