Monday, May 9, 2011

West Palm Beach Antique Festival Pix

Good morning everyone :) I hope you all enjoyed your Mothers Day weekend. I sure did!  We got back last night around 9pm, the drive of about 3 hours was SO worth it! I had the BEST time ever.

Without further delay.. here's the pics I took of the Festival:

Most of the Festival was inside (which I thought was a bit odd, considering I'm so used to Renningers being outside) but, nevertheless.. it was a great show!

There were about 20 tables/booths set up outside.

So, I would shop a little outside, then go back inside to cool off ;)
It really wasn't that hot out, we got there when the doors opened at 9am.
In the morning it was a really pleasant 75 or so. The day ended up sooo gorgeous outside, just perfect at around 85 with a nice warm ocean breeze... just perfect to end our day at an outside bar for a dinner and a couple Coronas!!

LOADS of really neat unique things for sale...

Remember these "Bug zappers", Magnifying glasses.. hehehe

Not much furniture, though... only 1 or 2 booths had some chairs, a dresser and a couple of other things..

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this window.. I asked the guy selling it.. "Is it really from Paris?" and, "How much are you asking?" His reply was, "I'm not really sure." And, the asking price of $275 I passed. Silly man. LOL  The printing on the window itself wasn't scratched or chipped at all, so I highly doubt it was even an antique.. not to mention - looks like something I could replicate on my own for ALOT less!!

Beautiful linens..

What a cool wagon!!!

An entire booth of crystal chandys...

And, I came home with some gorgeous ironstone!
My favorite!!

After the Festival, we decided to drive along the ocean to get back to our hotel.. boy o boy, am I glad we went that way!! West Palm Beach has thrift store after thrift store after thrift store!!! I can't wait to go back, and wish I lived closer!!

What I took home from the thrift stores:

Beautiful cabbage and roses looking fabric.
Can't wait to sew something fantastic from this!!

Birdie hooks.. (Love sweet lill birdies)

A couple of wooden trays.. begging to be painted white!

A queen sized antique duvet cover...

Not one stain or hole!!

And, lastly.. this HUGE awesome mirror for only $20!!

Yesterday was our last day, we stayed in Delray Beach..
Beautiful blue skies and 85 or so degrees out.

We spent the entire day at the beach yesterday!

What a perfect Mothers Day gift... all thanx to Mr. Ruffles.
I love him SOOO much!!! :)

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  1. Oh Tynk what great finds!!!
    Thank you for sharing your visit with us!!!
    It looks like you had a great Mothers Day at the beach :)
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  2. What an awesome Mothers Day you had, there lots of eye candy trinkets I would have come home with!!!


  3. Wow a whole street of thrift stores! It sounds like you had the perfect weekend!


  4. Hi Carol! Yep, all on one road. We must've stopped at least 10 times and there were plenty more to see. I've never seen so many thift stores, one right after another. We're definatley going back!!

  5. Now, I live in West Palm and I don't know where this is and I NEED TO! Can you email me the location of this fair? margaret(dot)

    Thank you!


  6. Hi Margaret! Welcome and good morning! Btw, you have the BEST thrift stores I've seen! I had a blast, and can't wait to go back!!

    The West Palm Beach Antique Festival is at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Here's a link:


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