Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Mothers Day Gift.. Early

Mr. Ruffles suprized me yesterday with an early Mothers Day gift.. we're going to The West Palm Beach Antiques Festival!!

We are leaving Friday after he gets out of work and staying near West Palm Beach (not in, we're not MADE of money!! haha) and starting the day early on Saturday for a full day of Antiquing!! Yippee!!

From Festival of Antiques website:

"Some of the largest shows of this type in the USA, The West Palm Beach Antiques Festivals have been running in West Palm Beach, Florida for 20 years now.
The purpose of the West Palm Beach Antiques Festivals are to create a place where decorators, designers, collectors, hobbyists and the curious can find a vast array of dealers in one location. The West Palm Beach Festivals have from 400 - 1200 dealers. The merchandise available at the festivals can range from a $5.00 baseball card to a $10,000 Tiffany lamp."

I'm a little irritated to hold off on any thrift store shopping today and tomorrow..saving my pennies for Saturday! But, it's ok, I'm crossing my fingers and toes for some great finds on Saturday!!

Is anyone else going?


  1. Oh what fun, he knows you well, we'll be waiting for pictures!!


  2. Oh I am so jelous!! I would be so excited! Better wear some comphy clothes and buy lots of pretties! I hope you take your camera!!

  3. I am WAY excited! I woke up this morning and told Mr. Ruffles, "This time tommorow we'll be flea'in and pickin'!!!" (I think I'm more excited than him, he responded, "Oh goodie, can I be the pack mule." hahaha :)

  4. I wish I were going! Too funny, my husband took me to an antiques fair on my birthday. I guess they know exactly how to make their women happy! :)


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