Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Follow Me

Hi ya'll, I had to come inside to take a break
from painting for a bit. Man o man is it hot out there!

Summer is definatley here in Florida.. whew!

Anyway, I was clicking around on the internet
and found a new way to follow all your favorite blogs.

It's very user friendly.. if you'd like to keep in touch
with what I'm doing on Ruffles n Raspberries,
just sign up by clicking on the link below.
Again, it's very easy and simple.

Happy Blogging, ya'll!!

~ Sherri ~


  1. Oh ya,,,Summer has arrived, I was just sitting outside today in the shade and I was melting!!


  2. Thanks Sherri! I'm on my way over to take a look!

  3. Hi..I've painted a couple of small pieces indoors cuz it was too hot outside....



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