Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Kitchen Table Re-Do

I bought this kitchen table and chairs off of Craigslist
a few years ago. I wanted a "farmhouse" looking table,
and, I knew I had found one with this:

I had already started re-doing the chairs,
as you can see.. but, the table, to be honest
kind of antimidated me a bit.

It had a really thick coating of laquer on the top,
not to mention, I just detest paint stripping.. LOL

My dad stripped the chairs down for me.. whew!
I recovered each seat in a different antique sack
from Germany.  My brother, who lives in Germany,
has been sending them to me for my birthdays and Christmas'!
(What an AWESOME brother I have!)

Anywho.. I finally got around to repainting my table..
Of course, only after Mr. Ruffles bought me a power sander.
That baby is AWESOME!!

I was able to totally strip down the paint and varnish
from the table in just less than an hour..

And, the after is here:

I just LOVE my "new table"!!

I still have to sand (shabby up) 2 more chairs,
but, for now, I am so happy I don't have to cover
that ugly table with a table cloth anymore!

My dining room..

One of the chairs covered with an
antique German sack.

From that..                               To this!!

~ Sherri ~

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  1. The table looks great! I know a lot of people like the top left wood but I like the white..great job :)

  2. Thanks! I just adore my table now! I'm loving the lines in it, and especially not having to cover it up with a table cloth now!


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