Saturday, November 10, 2012

From Blah to Ahhh!

I bought this Chandelier off of Craiglist last week.
The lady who was selling it said she had no way to
get it down.. so sweet Mr. Ruffles was coerced into
coming with me to take it down.
He got to take a week off of cooking!! haha!!
We got there, and he climbed up the ladder to take
the chandy down, only to find out who ever put it
up last time had bent the plate and all the screws
up into the ceiling.  It took him almost all of
45 minutes to get it down..
Of course, he was rolling his eyes at me the entire time
AND told me I was BUYING his dinner.. not cooking it! LOL
Here's a picture of the chandy after we finally got her home:

A couple of days later
I took all the crystals off
and gave her a good bath.
Then, took her outside to spray paint
all that "gold" into white..
Cleaned all the prisms..
And, now look at her!!
I was going to keep it after seeing
how much she sparkles and shines now..
but, poor Mr. R didn't wanna change out
the one I have hanging in the kitchen.
I figured I'd give him a break for once.. hehe.
I did tell him, though, if it doesn't sell in my booth
by winters end, it's coming home with me!
He actually agreed!!
So, if you're interested in making Mr. R's
work load a bit lighter by buying this
gorgeous chandy... it is hanging up in my booth
at Traditions Antique Mall for a very great price!


Just look at those pretty crystals shine!!

The last picture I snapped with my phone.
So, sorry about the cruddy shot..
but, thought'd you'd like to see her
hanging up in my booth.


  1. Looks so pretty--my poor husband hates changing out lights too--but he does it :) Looks lovely in your booth. Bet it sells fast!

  2. Love you spot at Traditions....was there today and bought a pitcher with the rolled up dictionary pages. Wish I could have bought the lot -- but only so much room in the car as we head home to Canada.

    1. Hi Sherry, thankyou for stopping in my booth, and making a purchase! I'm so glad to hear you liked my booth too!
      Safe travels to you!

  3. If I lived in the USA I would but it don't think it would travel well to Aussie. Good luck and thank you for sharing

  4. Hi Tynk,i was wondering if it had sold yet? I love it! U did an awesome job with it.....u can message me or email me if u want...thanks, Bonnie

    1. Hi Bonnie.. yes, it sold the beginning of December, she didn't even last 1 month!


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