Thursday, November 1, 2012

Armoire ~ Before n After

Ola! LOL 2 posts in one day!! Yay!
I wanted to share with ya'll
this armoire I picked up off Craigslist
a couple of weeks ago.
I got started on it right away, got 2 coats
of paint on it, only needed to get 1 more on
then shabby it up.. and guess what?
I got sick. Ugh.. and man o man did I ever get sick!
From the bathroom back to my bed, for an entire week..
So, my pretty armoire had to sit in the garage
all by herself.. unfinished.. boo hoo..
Anyway.. feeling back to my old self again
the last couple of days, so, after redecorating
my booth yesterday.. today was dedicated to
finishing the armoire..
Here she is!!

And.. After!!


I painted and shabbied right over the hardware.
I love this look!

Oh my goodness.. did my heart ever skip a beat
when the original key fell out of the drawer
onto the floor! Yay!!
I tied the key to some ribbon and it hangs from
the hat compartment door.

The inside was quite dirty and gross..
So, I cleaned it up and painted it pink!

Yep.. sh'es a keeper!

              Before                    and                       After!


  1. Oh is that ever a keeper!!! Gorgeous! I looked at your decorated booth post, it is just gorgeous!! My son get married in 3 weeks so I have been crazy busy and not giving my booth it's all


  2. I love it! It looks so much better dressed in white and I adore the pink interior! What a useful piece too. :)

  3. Hi Carol! I bet you are soooo busy!! But, that kind of busy is fun!! Cant wait to see pics :-)

    Thankyou so much Sandy!!


  4. I'm so glad you are keeping her!! Priceless!!
    Glad you are feeling better.
    ARe you going to Fancy Flea or do you have a booth?
    We are going!!

  5. Thanks friend :-)
    Nope to both, the Mr. and I went down to Delray this past weekend.. just got home.
    Hope you had fun and found lotsa treasures!!


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