Monday, January 14, 2013

Awesome Day for "Pickin"

Oh my gosh.. I had the BEST day ever pickin!!

I spent some the money I've been saving for
the Extravaganza Renningers Flea Market this weekend..

But ~ It was SO worth it!

Check out some of my finds:
Dresser mirror, small compact purse,
lace and a purple glass bottle.
Shabby floral planter..

Wood framed beveled mirror
& dresser mirror..

Old books from the 1800's.
See the middle one?
Little Women!

Antique Chandelier
"Made in Italy"

Most favorite find of the day..
Really old ballerina dress..
*Sigh* & Adoration!

Painting of 3 ballerinas

Lovely old quilt

And, I finally found the antique buffet
I've been searching for!
I've been wanting to get rid of our
entertainment center and replace it
with one of these..
I've been searching and searching..
and, today.. finally!! YAY!
Everything you see above
except the buffet (of course.. LOL)
will be in my booth by the weekend,
if you're interested in purchasing.
What have you found on your pickin trips lately??
~ Sherri ~
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  1. Great finds! I was out yesterday and found a beautiful pair of ladies grey gloves and a Vichy-Etat Pastilles tin -- I'd been looking for one and just when I thought the day was going to be a bust at finding anything I liked...voila!

    1. Doesn't it always happen like that? The buffet I bought.. I've been searching for almost a year for one.. My last stop today, there she was AND with a 20% bonus!

    2. even better when it happens and there's a 20% bonus!

  2. Wow, that was a great day!! That's why we keep doing what we do! Thank you for the Renningers reminder...I am going to try to make it!


    1. It really is Carol... I just love dayslike yesterday!
      Hope to run into you one of these days!!

  3. Oh my goodness yes you did! Those mirrors, the quilt and the chandelier! Oh my! Take care, Laura

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Laura! Glad you like my finds!


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