Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bag for My Flea...

I always get a laugh out of some of the blog and post titles out there,
so, I thought I'd give my comical side a try.. :)

I don't really have any fleas.. well, not the itchy kind anyway!!  I found this burlap bag at The Fresh Market grocery store.  Thought it'd be great to bring with me to flea markets and such.  It sure helped carry alot of things from Renningers this past weekend, but, man o man.. my shoulders burned!!!  I wore a tank top and the more things I bought and stuffed into my bag, the more my shoulders would rub on the burlap and just burn and itch.  Guess I didn't think too far in advance on this one!

So, I made little shoulder pads of sort for my bag.  Check it out - My new "Flea Bag" :

I tied a couple of ribbons on the straps, the cream one says, "Journey".

On the top of the straps, so my shoulders won't hurt anymore I cut a peice of toile fabric scrap I had laying around in 2 wide strips.  Tucked it all around the straps, and on the side that would hang on my shoulder I added some pillow stuffing.. then hot glued the fabric and onto the straps.

Ready to go hunting for fleas flea market hunting!!

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