Thursday, June 16, 2011

Introducing... Ms. Daytona!

Whew!  It's taken me a bit longer than I anticipated to complete the hutch I picked up in Daytona a couple of weeks ago; mostly due to the heat... (and getting sidetracked in a few thrift stores)

But, she's finally completed!

Here are the befores:

I would like to introduce you to:

Ms. Daytona!

Ain't she pretty?

She's a petite thing, standing only 69 inches..
(she's a saucy one!! LOL)

But wide around the middle at 54 inches..

I lined and mod podged her single drawer
with french script scrap book paper..

And the bottom interior..
Now she has her own hidden, unique style.

I distressed her edges
so she'd stand out in a crowd a bit more..

And, waxed her all over so she'd
shine just a bit,
like the superstar she is!!


Now that Ms. Daytona
has made her debut,
I'd love to hear what you think!!

From that.... to this!


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  1. Sherri she's beautiful! I scared to take on a job that huge. I love the French paper on the shelves. I'm impressed!
    Today is so much better then yesterday!!
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Thanks so much SueBee! She was a beast to get done I tell ya.. LOL But, she's so pretty now. Much more delicate looking. LOVE her.

    Yeah, the weather IS much better today. We got some rain last night, so that broke the humidity some. Hope you're having a fabulous day today!! (I'm all done for the day.. LOL I'm beat!!)

    Big hugs to ya girlfriend!

  3. Ooh, I think she is absolutely fabulous!


  4. Hiya Sissie!! Thanks and hugs back atcha!!

  5. Wow so much work put into that hutch. It looks beautiful! And I love the paper you used to line the bottom. Congrats on finishing that beast!

  6. Hiya Emily :) Thanks so much for your sweet comment, you're right, she WAS a beast.. LOL! It'll be awile before I tackle another hutch. I'm still only 1/2 done with the dresser.. grrrr.. Hopefully that'll get completed next week... hopefully!

  7. I haven't been able to do a thing outside with this heat!! I can't believe you got it's perfect!!


  8. I think she made the right move in that face change. I like it much better.

  9. Carol: Thanks darlin' :) I know what you mean, I'm only able to "work" in the morning until around noon. That's my breaking point! I have fans going in all directions in the garage!! LOL

    LV: Thanks for stopping by and thankyou much for the compliment, too. :)

  10. LOVE the french script that you used to line the drawers!

    Thanks so much showing us your French Inspiration!

    Blessings... Polly
    French Cupboard &
    Counting Your Blessings

  11. Thanks for hosting the French Inspiration Party and your sweet comment about the Ms. Daytona, Polly :)

  12. OMG Sue Bee, what a beautiful job and well worth it thanks for visiting have a good night


  13. Love, love, love her. I wouldn't have thought that she's a petite little gal. just darling! love that French script paper. Thanks for linking up with VIF, xo Debra

  14. Tynk...I am so impressed by your hard work, Ms. Daytona is beautiful...I too love your idea of using the french script inside the drawer...her little secret.

    Pat yourself on the back!!!

  15. Thanks so much for coming by and leaving your comments Sylvia, Debra and Pattie!! :) You guys are awesome, and I'm so happy you're here!

  16. You should be proud of yourself because that is wonderful. I love love love the idea of mogpodging the drawers with script lining. I have bought some not so perfect drawers before and that would work wonderfully. I also see that you are a FL gal. I am in Tampa. So it is nice to meet you.

  17. Hiya Becky! Very nice to meet you! Always good to know who the Florida girls are :) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, too!!
    Hugs back atcha!! Sherri

  18. That turned out fabulous! The style of that furniture makes the painted finish perfect for it! The icing on the cake is that French script in the drawers. Very nice!

  19. Hi Sherry.. always nice to meet another Sherri!! LOL Thanks so much for your comment on the hutch, I totally agree with the style/paint combo. Thanks again, Sherri

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