Monday, June 27, 2011

Vintage Suitcase Re-Do

I bought this Vintage Samsonite suitcase
from a thrift store a few weeks ago.
It's been sitting in my garage.. waiting
for me to bring it back to life..

You'd think in a few weeks time,
I could've taken at least
1 before photo!! GRRR @ me!

I only have a couple
of before pics of the inside
that I took today. Sorry!

The outside was a really nice orange color..
to match the yummy plaid on the inside.. EEK!

I cleaned, sanded, primed and painted the entire
outside of the suitcase white..

Then, brought it in from the garage today
& began to line the inside walls
with linen strips.

I had bought this Pottery Barn crib bumper pad
from a thrift store awhile ago. At the time, I had
no idea what I'd use it for, but, I LOVED the
rosey fabric.. so, I bought it.

I used the bumper pad to line
the inside of the suitcase.

I cut it into 4 even strips,
sewed the edges,
and hotglued it inside.

I also cut off the ties,
and retied them into bows,
and hotglued those all around...

Even without the before photo
I'm hoping you agree..

she's MUCH better now!!

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  1. goodness girl! That is just gorgeous! on my fb page (shabby chic addiction you'll see the one I made into a cozy dog bed...but yours I adore and love love love the inside!

  2. Heya Lady :)

    Thanks so much! I'm gonna jump on over and check yours out!!

  3. This is adorable, I love it!! You are so clever to use the baby bumper pad to line it. I love that idea.


  4. Thanks Sissie :) I knew I'd find something to use it in somewhere, sometime!!
    Today was the day :)

  5. That is absolutely gorgeous and amazing! Makes me want to transport some china in fabulous padded suitcase!

    Great job

  6. SO LOVE this!!! What a GREAT idea!!! I want it ;)

  7. Mornin' Carol and Michele, thankyou so much for leaving your sweet comments :) GREAT idea too Carol!!

  8. Beautiful! That lining is amazing...what a lot of work!

  9. Stunning! I love that you painted it and the lining is so pretty.

  10. Beautiful transformation I have 2 ugly blue ones I want to redo and had no clue what to use for the lining thank u!

  11. Hiya Korrie, Robin and Imsteelefullofscrap (love that name btw.. LOL)!!

    Thanks for coming by, glad I could give some sort of inspiration!!

    Hopa ya'll have a great night, and a day full of sunshine tomorrow!

  12. You do beautiful work! I love how I can actually hear your voice in your posts!

  13. You do beautiful work! I just love how I can hear your voice in your posts! Impressive!

  14. OMG I love this! Can I buy it from you? Where do you live!! Amazing blog!

  15. Thankyou Amy and Marika!

    Markia.. I'm so sorry, this sold quite awhile ago.

    I live in Mt. Dora, but, my booth is at
    Traditions Antique Mall in
    Wildwood, FL

    Where are you from?


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