Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Stone -n- Sack

Happy Saturday Friends!

I woke up this morning,
totally excited for
Renningers Flea Market..

Until I arrived.

Yeah, there were some vendors,
but, not as many as usual.

I suppose it's "off season"
for flea marketing in Florida?

Is that even right? Really?

Who takes time out from shopping
at a flea market?


I guess it's different when
you're on the selling side!

Ah well, it was really nice to see
some of the die hard vendors.

A couple of them, I've really gotten
to know over the last couple of months.

Which is always really nice to
take a few moments to visit
and chit chat!!

I did manage to find
an iron stone pitcher..

and 4 little square
ironstone dishes.
(there are 2 shown &
2 are on the other side of my hutch.)

My hutch:

And, a Bemis Seamless Sack

The Bemis sack was made by
the Bemis Bag Company,
founded in 1858 by Judson Moss Bemis..

After leaving Renningers,
I stopped at a yard sale
and picked up these 2 beauties!!

Yes, the gold on the cherub
WILL be painted over.. LOL

I'm not sure if I'll
paint the mirror yet..

What is your opinion?

Paint over.. or no?

Overall, I really did enjoy
my Saturday.  Always a good
time running into people
who remember you..

and take home a few goodies!!

What did you do today?


  1. Love it all. Great picking.

  2. Good stuff you found. Yep, I'd have to paint that mirror.


  3. Thanks for commenting and stopping by Linda and Sissie! I'm leaning towards painting the mirror too, but, now wondering if I should paint it white.. or another color.. I'm sure it'll come to me if I give it a day or two.

    Hope ya'll have an awesome Fathers day!
    Hugs, Sherri

  4. I am descended from Judson Moss Bemis and found the image of your bag doing some research. Would you be willing to sell it? My email is

  5. Wow, Bruce..really? That's awesome. Unfortunately, this one is staying with me at home. You can find them, though...they are around. Just have to hunt for them. Thanks for leaving a comment, and stopping over!,


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