Friday, June 10, 2011



A quickie post here to show you my before and after of a couple of empty windows I found at a thrift store.  Then, Mr. Ruffles and I are off to dinner and a movie... sooo happy it's Friday!! I just LOVE spending the weekend with him (my best friend!!)

Here's the before of 1 of the windows:

(You can barely see, but, way back in the background,
you can see I'm almost done with the vanity and the hutch!!
I can't wait to show ya'll!!
And, no.. that's not trash all piled up.. LOL
We used trash bags to cover some of the chairs I finished.. )

See, I almost forgot to take the before..
as I did with the other one.. oopsy!!

And, here are the afters:

Nope, they don't match...
But, I love them both just the same!

I'm not exactly sure where I'm going to hang them yet, but, when I do, I'll post an update.  (I'm thinking of inside the house to frame a lookout area in my kitchen, kind of like shutters.)

Hope you all have an incredible weekend!!!


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  1. The windows turned out fabulous, Sherri! Have you thought about hanging the blue one horizontally? If you have high ceilings, you could hang it from chains, as a divider between two rooms. Can't wait to see what you finally do with them.

    Have fun with Mr. Ruffles! ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  2. Soooo pretty, Sherri! What colors did you use? I love them! :)

    xoxo laurie

  3. Sherri, your windows look great. Can't wait to see where you hang them.

  4. They look great just as they are-simple and pretty!

  5. Sherri, thank you for stopping by love what you did with paint it's it great??? love your blog so I am going to follow you look forward to visiting and getting to know you...happy Sunday


  6. you could use the small one as a transom?


  7. I just picked up some MT windows this weekend....hum, I am trying to think of what to do with them, yours look great just as they are


  8. Valspar Raindrop is the color for the blue one. I painted 2 coats of the blue, and then dry brushed the white on top of that.

    Glad you all liked em, I was pretty happy with the outcome! Thanks for comin' by and leaving your thoughts, LOVE reading them :)

    Hugs to each of you! Sherri


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