Monday, June 13, 2011

Sweet Ballerina

Ohhhhhh ... super sized

~ LOVE ~

for my new painting I just bought!!

Carol, from Sweet Cottage Roses on Facebook
posted this painting she did last week, I fell in love
with it the second I saw it... and I bought it.

My sweet Ballerina just arrived today...

Isn't she just gorgeous?!?!

I used a frame I bought at a thrift store a few weeks ago.

I dry brushed it white, and it's been sitting
in my sewing room ever since... empty.

Until now! It's the perfect size,
and the perfect fit!!

Bloggers, if you utilize facebook, please
go check out Carols page:

She is super talented, and if you love
hand painted roses
You're in for a treat!!

Thankyou so much Carol!


with my Sweet Ballerina!


  1. Hi Sherry. Thank you for being such a good friend and lifting my sister and me up in prayer. It means so much to know I have the support of good friends like you.

    I love the colors in Carol's ballerina painting. You couldn't have done any better than that frame. It's the perfect one. I love Carols creativity too.

    OX's...Tracy :)

  2. Hi Tracy, I'm always here for you honey. I'm so sorry you're going through what you are, but, I believe that with prayer she'll pull through. Since my start of blogging, only a few short months ago, I have "met" some really incredible people.. and you are definatley one of them. Thankyou so much for your support and friendship!!

    PS... I know, right? The colors she painted were what caught my eye when I first saw the painting. I asked her last night after receiving it in the mail.. "Are you ready to pick up your brush again?" LOL I'm hoping to aquire another, larger painting from her soon.
    She's sooo talented!!

  3. Tynk, The painting is really beautiful and the frame is perfect for it! I am on my way to check out her Facebook.
    ps: I'll take you up on the Renningers trip when we get moved. Thanks for the offer!

  4. Thanks Sherry :)

    And, def. do get ahold of me, we'd have a great time!!

  5. Love the ballerina painting and also what you with the thrift store frame. Looks great! Just love getting a bargain!

  6. Thanks Carly, I love her too.. I think too much! haha :) I shrieked a big EEK when I opened it and did a little happy dance.. LOL


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