Thursday, June 9, 2011

Awesome Thrifting Goodness!

My day yesterday started out with a big *sigh* ~ as I detest running errands..

I did end the day feeling quite accomplished, though!

I started the day out about 10am, and finally finished my running around at around 3:30pm.
No sence in going home, Mr. Ruffles doesn't get home until 5:30pm, so, I figured I had time to kill at a couple of thrift stores.  (I even squeezed in some time at a local antique mall)  Man o man, I am glad I did! Wait.. just wait till you see what I found and took home with me!!

No furniture ~ althought I really wanted to buy a couple of peices ~ I showed Mr. Ruffles my finds last night and he says, "I thought you weren't buying anymore until you had some of the other done?"  I corrected him and said, "No.. I said I wouldn't buy anymore FURNITURE until I had some of the other done.." hehehe!!!

Ok, without further ado, my thrifting finds yesterday:

Gorgeous shabby rose platter with gold trim
Wire basket
AWESOME turquoise enamel ware

Letter holder & gold mirror frames (yep, gonna paint these!)
White wire basket
Check out the cool pink phone!
It's a note card and pen holder. The middle says, "Dial Me"
So cute!!
3 little Homer Laughlin plates

Another close up pic of the phone
and I wrapped these blue colored vintage books in burlap

 Picture frame
Wine bottle corks
Huge bag of buttons
Vintage Pink thread
Apothecary jar
Galvanized flour scoop

Galvanized tall pail

Insert Happy Dance here!!!


And, I found this set of skeleton keys at the Antique Mall.

I finished the day off by texting Mr. Ruffles he needed to take me out to dinner.  We ate a pretty awesome restaurant that is set up on the beach of a small lake nearby, and ate outside. ahhhh... :)

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  1. Now that is a GOOD day of thrifting/antiquing! I was trying to figure out which I liked best but I like them all!!! What are you going to do with the plates? I have mine hanging on a wall.


  2. Hi Sylvia :)

    For the plates, I'm on a lookout for a 3 plate hanger for the wall, since there were only 3 of the little saucers. The platters I'll put in my hutch.

  3. For your Mr.Ruffles to agree to take you out for dinner, he must not have known where you had been or what you purchased.

  4. Wow, you did really well!! I love the rose platter! It is beautiful!

  5. LV: He knew AFTER I ate.. hehe! Mr. Ruffles does rock though, seriously, he really doesn't care about anything I buy.. he just wants to park his car in the garage again!

    Thanks so much Tanya! I love it too! The rose print is sooo pretty.

  6. Your really scored some fabulous finds, Sherri! Right from the first pic, my eyes went straight to the bag of buttons - one of my personal favorites for collecting. ;)

    Thanks for linking to the party. It's good to have you back again.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  7. Thanks Liz, and thanks for hosting the party! I look forward to it each week to see what everyone else is up to!


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