Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Fathers Day
to all you awesome Daddies out there!

I hope ya'll enjoyed the day, you deserve it!

Mr. Ruffles is out of town working,
so, I decided to do a little

Not too long ago, all the blog rage
was the union jack stuff..

Cute? Yep..

but, since 4th of July was coming up soon
I thought I'd give the union jack a twist
and make a shabby chic pillow of
the US flag:

I know, it doesn't look like the USA flag,
but, if you use your imagination..

I cut strips of pink, blue and white fabric.
Washed them so they would fray,

Layered them all up and
stiched each one down
so they wouldn't fray more..

Today was a back & forth
sort of day.  I'd sew a little bit,
then out to the garage to
paint a little bit.

First, I painted a frame pink.
(Sorry, forgot the before!)

Close up of the detail..

Frame with the Shabby Chic US Flag Pillow

Then, back to the sewing room I go!!

I printed this awesome french graphic
sewed that onto some drop cloth.

Then, sewed the ruffle around it.

I tied some black ribbons on
my vanity chair and added the pillow

Yikes! Looks like I'll have to come up
with some sort of a cushion for
the seat too!!

Then, back to the garage
for some more painting!!

Remember the mirror I bought
yesterday at a yard sale?

Here's the before:

And, here's the after!

Close up:

I need Mr. Ruffles to help me
with hanging my mirror and frame up..

Seems I can get quite a bit done
when he's away.. except for the
hanging stuff!! LOL

What have you been up to today?

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  1. Looks like a very creative day for you!
    I love the 4th of July pillow! It is so cute.
    Your mirror looks so good painted and I love the white chair.

  2. Thanks so much Jenny! Yes, it was quite a day yesterday. I get sooo much done when I'm the only one here.. LOL

    Have a great Monday and week!!

  3. Tynk, I was thinking about doing a shabby 4th of July pillow too. I am not sure I will get to it or not, yours is darling!! I love your other pillow also. Renningers sure does not have as many vendors as they use to, but I guess since it's summer they have all gone to cooler weather!


  4. Hey Sherry, you did get a lot done. I'm the same way. I can accomplish so much more when no one else is here. i.e. Neil. I think the flag pillow is so adorable. Love you're take on it. And of course the French one is too. The frame and mirror look better than anything you could have bought new.

    You're so right about the weather and smoke. It's awful and I know it's so much worse for those that are closer to the fires. My sister said it's been 103 and 106 degrees in Ft Worth so I guess I should be grateful for the 99 degrees here. I hate it when Florida's so dry. It looses all the beautiful tropical look.

    Have a peaceful nights sleep. Looks like you deserve it. Hugs...Tracy :)

  5. Carol, thanks so much. I actually made 2 4th of July pillows.. I'm only showing the 2nd one. The 1st one came out soooo bad!! LOL About Renningers.. I'll still be going every 3rd weekend, only because there are no other flea markets like it around. At least I haven't found any.. But, am really looking forward to the huge one in November, December and January!!
    I need to make a trip down to your booth and take a peek.. that's for sure!

    Tracy, Thanks for your sweet comments on the pillows and other tasks I did :) Means alot to me that you took the time to do so! ((Hugs))
    Oh my gosh!! 106? I couldn't even begin to imagine the heat index with that!! Yesterday around 4pm seemed to be just a scorcher. It was soo hot, Mr. Ruffles didn't even want to grill for me. Too bad I'm the boss!! hahaha :)
    Luv ya girl, Sherri


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