Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fireplace Mantal

Happy Weekend ya'll! Finally!

I say finally because finally Mr. Ruffles
has some extra time to get my finished
projects up in the house..

I'm so excited to show you!!

First is a fireplace mantal I found off
of Craigslist, for only.... $50!
I drove about 45 miles to go get it, once
I got there we tried to fit it inside the back
of my SUV.. but, it wouldn't fit.

Not to worry, I have rope and bungy cords!
I was bound and determined to get this sucker home.

We ended up tying it to the top of my truck:

I had to drive all the way home
on one of the busiest streets in the area
going only about 30 - 35 mph.
(yep, I recieved several honkers
and a coupe middle fingers too!
Didn't care... I was getting it home!)

Here it is, off of the top of my truck
and in the garage ready for me to start:

All sanded down:

And, now.. finally finished and in my home:


I also wanted to share with you
a couple of pictures of the chandy
I finished. 

It's finally hung up in the dining room:

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

For me, it's back to the garage now.
We're cleaning it.. oh fun! NOT!



  1. It turned out beautiful and well worth all the middle fingers and honks in the world...

  2. I love it--what a deal! Lovely job of refinishing it

  3. $ did I miss that one??? Great find and a wonderful transformation. It looks great in your home. Did you find a little white tree?

  4. Denise, it was originally $100 (which is still a great deal) but, I kept my eye on it and it wasn't selling for about 2 weeks. I emailed and offered $50. They accepted. Soooo happy!


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