Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like...


Just the beginning, though..

Today I went up to my booth to re-arrange and
decorate a bit for Christmas! 

I bought a white tree, and added vintage icicles,
pink bulbs, pink roses and glittery silver leaves..

I also made 2 of these crosses:

I bought the wooden crosses at Walmart,
and hotglued a zillion and one
rhinestones on them..

They are both for sale at my booth..
But, I think I may have to make
another one to keep!

I also made this JOY sign
out of vintage buttons and
pink ticking fabric..

I just love how it turned out!

I also did some re-arranging and "fluffing"
in my booth.. enjoy!

I really apoligize for not posting
on my blog as of late.  I'm always checking,
but, quite honestly, I'm on Facebook more..
(Like.. every day.. LOL)

I would love for ya'll to come check out
Ruffles n Raspberries on Facebook!!

Just click on the link below:

And, if you ever find yourself near
Wildwood, Florida
please do come take a visit at
Traditions Antique Mall.

That's where my booth is.
The mall is huge and you will LOVE it!!

Here's the address:
Traditions Antique Mall
3107 E State Road 44
Wildwood, FL

See you there!


  1. soooo pretty!!!! thats what I was doing today, seems like Christmas came sooooo fast!

  2. Your fluffing and puffing is delightful. I am not quite ready to head out yet after the surgery but I will be there soon.

  3. Your booth is looking very lovely. I think the pink Christmas tree is just perfect.


  4. Oh Your booth looks fabulous! I did the same thing today, only now my booth looks cluttered! You won't see any pictures of it on my blog LOL! Your's looks perfect


  5. Thanks so much Ladies! It was alot of fun to decorate. I think I may have to get even more creative and bring even MORE up to my booth! Christmas is only once a year, ya know.. LOL

    Carol: LMAO you always crack me up! haha! I'm going to take a drive down and see, for sure!

  6. oh, wow...I'm jealous...I have so much to do in my booths...did you look? were they a wreck? running up Sunday (today) to drop off a dresser and to pick up some things for The Fancy Flea...will have to "tweak" after next Saturday...will run up an check out your booth.
    Hope to see you next Saturday!

  7. Of course I looked at your booths.. I'm still waiting for a price tag on that hanging peice you have! LOL


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