Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Table Makeovers

What a gorgeous and Sunny
82 degree day here in Florida!

Great day to be outside and
finish up a couple projects
I've been working on..

As soon as I finish with this
blog post.. I'm going back
outside.. for sure!

Here are a couple of tables
I finished today:

Side table before:

Side table afters:

I forgot to take a before picture
of this table.  I bought it when
I went thrifting in Sebring, FL
with my mom..

Great table, gorgeous legs!

Now ~ get outside and enjoy
the awesome weather!!

~ Sherri ~


  1. That last table you show looks very much like my dining table--but mine is oval. I love that table! The legs are awesome. You had to make me smile saying go enjoy the weather--I just got totally soaked going out to get the mail:)

  2. Your right Sherri! Went thrifting/shopping in St Cloud today, should have stayed home and painted like you!

  3. Hey Sherri, great finds, all so pretty. I have several wicker chairs like yours but can't part with them...too pretty! lol

    Enjoy our beautiful weather...

  4. Thanks for stopping by girls!



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